GOOD NEWS: A different Trump speaks; New generation of anti-globalist national leaders; external corruption exposed; what about inner corruption? To tackle that project would be the ultimate good news.

I admit it, I’m instinctively “anti-globalist,” at least in the way a unified planet is currently envisaged, as a single centralized police state. Which is why, despite everything, I still tend to “favor” Trump’s (“crazy? or crazy like a fox”) ascendancy in the U.S., and I assume, frankly, that yes, he is crazy like a fox:  Heyoka! (BTW: You might Check out Thomas, in aimfortruth, his many thoroughgoing audio analyses of Trump and his shifting context. Really appreciate this news source!). Else why would Trump’s short press conference today seem so reasonable? It’s like a different man speaking — yep, yet another way to keep everyone off-balance while he plies his magic tricks.

Five takeaways from Trump’s quick press conference

Oh, and BTW:, in case you missed it, Putin’s comment that “the biggest mistake Russia ever made was to trust you.” at Valdai has gone viral. Despite that, the two nations are busy with further cooperation in space.

Russia and US will build a moon base

Two worlds: one, divided, down here: the other united, up there. Reminds us of ourselves: divided, one body from another; united, hearts and minds and souls, when we relax and let go!

Like many others, I’m constantly scanning for new leadership, most likely to arise from new generations not caught up in the stuck policies, ego, and greed of old fogies like me. Again, like many other “foolish idealists,” I was seduced by Justin Trudeau, briefly! Unfortunately, his uber-globalist tendencies became  clear not long after he was elected.

Meanwhile, here are three more, even younger new leaders and their possible promise: Austria, New Zealand, and most astonishing of all, Saudi Arabia.

New Austrian leader Sebastian Kurz kicked out head globalist George Soros. Oops! Or did he?

George Soros Open Society Foundation Banned in Austria by Youngest World Leader Is False

New Zealand:

How reluctant leader Jacinda Ardern charmed New Zealand

Which reminds me of the saying (what is the source?) “Only those who don’t want power should have it.” Something like that. But then, who knows what happens when people get it. Another quote: “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

So now, if the following is true, then it’s the most amazing good news story of the day.

I will return Saudi Arabia to moderate Islam, says Crown Prince

Well, good news, but not really. For this new crown prince’s motive is to “lure investment.” I.e., business as usual, for this young leader as humans continue to trample, strangle, and asphyxiate this good earth with our omnicidal industrial juggernaut.

Meanwhile, pedo, greed, and other corruption is being exposed at every level — and not confined to scapegoats like Weinstein. Here’s Pieczenik on the entire culture of Hollywood:

Here’s Hannity on Uranium One:

Question we each need to ask: where is my shadow? What does it look like? When have I acted in the exact same way in which I judge and condemn others? For this is what we humans do, at every level, sometimes consciously (if we are psychopaths), but usually unconsciouly: we project out what’s going on inside us while either ignoring or being truly unaware of its inner root. And if what’s going on originally is a war between the various parts of ourselves, then we tend to see that war in our environment instead. Not only see it out there, but because we see do, we tend to create it there. As have others before us, and around us. The context feels stuck, like sludge, impossible to change. For is not corruption everywhere?

Yes, and and so is the capacity for transformation — of war, competition, greed, ego. For each of us, the change  starts within our own hearts.

That’s the biggest battle each of us faces. The need to announce the Good News to ourselves, of our own capacity to observe what’s going on inside us, and in that act of observation, repeated over and over again, to gradually change it. To acknowledge and integrate our own shadows, to become whole. As individuals become whole, so will our households, neighborhoods, cities, regions, nation states follow.







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