Mathew’s Message, October 23, 2017, echoes, in part, the Seth Material

There are times when “channeled” material really hits home. Like the latest Mathew’s Message. His hard-hitting interpretations of Las Vegas shooting, California fires, and Weinstein/pedophilia/satanism, etc. echo what I and other so-called “conspiracy theorists” have both intuited and investigated. Meanwhile, Mathew speaks as well of the violence in our exaggerated gun culture, of what happened to “nesara” and other matters, including what he claims as the chimera of both “global warming” and “global cooling.”

Especially appreciate Mathew’s articulation of the sensitive body of Mother Earth, and how stabbing and gauging her skin to extract resources profoundly disturbs:

“Coal is Earth’s tissue, oil and natural gas her circulatory system; removing these elements and using them to pollute your air, Earth’s respiratory system, is interfering with her efforts to return to sound health.”

The final section, on the spreading ramifications of the statement that “everything you consider past, present, and future is happening simultaneously in different planes of energy in the continuum” reminds me of Jane Roberts, who channeled the Seth entity, way back in the 1970s. Still, to my mind, the most profound channel of them all — excepting  the Law of One material.

A brief summary of Seth’s teachings on the nature of space and time:



“The settings in your physical environment…the physical aspects of life as you know it, are all camouflages.

The brain is a camouflage pattern. It takes up space. It exists in time. The mind takes up no space, it does not have its basic existence in time. The reality of the inner universe does not take up space, nor does it have its basic existence in time. Your camouflage universe, on the other hand, takes up space and has an existence in time, but it is not the real and basic universe, any more than the brain is the mind.

Your idea of space is some completely erroneous conception of an emptiness to be filled… True inner space is to the contrary vital energy, itself alive, possessing abilities or transformation, forming all existences, even the camouflage reality with which you are familiar, and which you attempt to probe so ineffectively.

This basic universe of which I speak expands constantly in terms of intensity and quality and value, in a way that has nothing to do with your idea of space. The basic universe beneath all camouflage does not have existence in space at all, as you envision it… Space is a camouflage… ”

From the book, Seth Speaks, page 235:

“As I have said many times, time as you think of it does not exist.”

From the book, The Nature of Personal Reality, page 152:

“…the fact is that all ‘time’ is simultaneous.”

From the book, Seth Speaks, page 245:

“There are an infinite number of inner universes…”


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7 Responses to Mathew’s Message, October 23, 2017, echoes, in part, the Seth Material

  1. Ann, it is always good to see the Seth teachings mentioned. They came into my life at a young age, via my first spiritual teacher, my middle school music teacher. Ruth was the first person I knew personally who ever mentioned things like reincarnation, which thrilled me! Ruth attended Jane Roberts’ classes on psychic phenomena and told me about their experiments with levitation and other paranormal abilities.

    Some years later, when my Dad was transferred to another state, Jane and her husband moved into our old house! It is referred to in her later books as the “hill house” and she did her writing in my old bedroom. Robert Butts painted in my brother’s old room. I found this out when I visited them, dropping in unannounced when I was in town; I did not have their phone number to call in advance. Jane was very gracious and welcoming, and was delighted that I was quite familiar with her books. I read each one as it was released, and they had a huge effect on my early spiritual awakening. I often contemplate Seth’s teaching that we humans create the weather, especially in light of the many recent extreme weather events. Human chaos certainly seems to be outpicturing in these so-called disasters!

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