Pedophilia Potpourri: WILCOCK, 4chan, Trump, mind-control, Weinstein, Kathy O’Brien

I just spent much of this morning absorbing David Wilcock’s lengthy new download which summarizes all that he claims has been going on and where we are now in the process of Disclosure.

Something Very Big Is Coming, Part II. Is Wikileaks About to Drop the Nuke? 

Most of the contents of Wilcock’s post I’m already familiar with; however, there were some (what he would call) “data points” that skewed my understanding in an entirely different way. Especially, concerning “4-D playing” Trump, and his choices to head up various agencies — all or most of which, to most of us, feel like absolutely wrong choices! However, if we consider that at least 1/3 of the government, from the top on down through the local level, is riddled with the pedophiliac infection, then how does one use the swamp to drain the swamp?

Wilcock quotes a 4chan insider, whose capacity for compassion seems to be much greater than usual. As ever, we must consider what it’s like to walk into the shoes of the Other.

I said it earlier this past spring… when the dust settles, you’ll find out Trump isn’t kidding when he says he’s “giving people chances” to “redeem” themselves, their departments, agencies, professional careers and personal reputations.

Trump knows he can’t “drain the swamp” alone or overnight, but he also knows there are many in the swamp who’ve been begging to get out.
All they needed was someone like him, or Reagan, or JFK for f–s sake, to extend a hand and pull them out.

Realize that it’s far easier to think and say “what you would do”, if you were in positions like Comey, Mueller, hell, even Lois Lerner.

It’s always easy for inherently GOOD PEOPLE, to think and say they’d always, “DO THE RIGHT THING”…
That is, until your kids, family, decades long professional/ personal reputations, your livelyhood, future and the sovereignty of NOT being in jail, serving 15-30 years, are threatened and very realistically, at stake.
THIS ISNT A F—ING GAME /pol/. In this “swamp”, you’re not afforded the luxury of remaining a nameless, faceless f—ing “anon” with nothing to seemingly lose.
Look at your threads for f—s sake. Half of you are under 27, unmarried, no kids, no mortgages or mouths to feed.
Half of you are still in school, safely tucked under your parent’s financial umbrella of security, while coming home to their house, eating their food, using their coinless laundry machines/ detergent during holiday/ summer school breaks.

That’s all fine, BTW. It’s what you SHOULD be doing, while and if you can (I do realize not everyone’s situations aren’t so cozy)

Immediately after reading through Wilcock’s lengthy post, I then happened to go on a closed fb group, to encounter a woman’s  confession; like many others whose stories are just beginning to come out of the shadows, she had also been thrown to the wolves as a child, for pedophile and other unsavory purposes. Here is a single paragraph from that confession which confirms the above:

Finally, did you know that Harvey Weinstein once offered to buy the rights to MK Ultra survivor, sex slave and whistleblower Kathy O’Brien’s book Trance Formation of America, a book that implicates both Clintons? Here’s her account of that meeting:


“There is not enough money in the world to shut us up,” Mark angrily told Harvey Weinstein soon after TRANCE Formation of America became a best selling whistleblower’s book of its time.  Originally intended for Congress,TRANCE had reached the public sector and word was spreading fast, catching the attention of Hollywood.

Mark and I remained skeptical that Hollywood was actually capable of releasing truth on mind control.  Both of us had cause to know how the media was manipulated to suppress pertinent facts while socially engineering the populace, and Hollywood was complicit on all levels from entertainment to so-called news.

Nevertheless, upon the request of Harvey Weinstein, Mark and I had flown to Las Vegas to meet with him at the MGM Grand.   We opted to meet in the lobby for security purposes, which had already inflamed Weinstein who was obviously used to having his own way.

Weinstein began by offering to buy the rights to TRANCE Formation of America and make it into a movie.  Mark apprised him of laws governing whistleblowers’ testimony where the 1947 National Security Act was involved, and declined his offer accordingly.   Indeed, we could retire comfortably for the rest of our lives on what we were being offered, yet the price we would pay for accepting it was more.  For us, silence equals death and we chose to maintain our rights to TRANCE, and thus our rights to speak out as US Government Whistleblowers.

Weinstein assured us he would maintain the integrity of the information while making it more understandable to viewers.   Wise to the ways of censorship, Mark questioned how he would handle information on Bill and Hillary Clinton considering Bill Clinton was President at that time.  Furious that he was being questioned, Weinstein revealed that their names would be omitted along with others.   As Mark and I gathered our documentation to leave our brief meeting with Harvey Weinstein, he offered to pay us even more for what we deemed containment.

Mark replied to Harvey Weinstein the same way he had replied to feds who offered to buy us out, “There is not enough money in the world to shut us up.”


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  1. Seeuonthedarksideofthemoon says:

    The book is eye opening , I’m glad they didn’t sellout .

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