Learning/healing from the inside out: Melissa Dykes, her personal story

Really appreciate this video, and how Melissa Dykes of truthstreammedia.com went right to the heart of the matter, her own failing health and the allopathic methods that were exacerabating it, to begin her journey towards, not just wellness, but seeking Truth everywhere. My own story is much the same. Started when I was 26 and almost died of generalized abdominal peritonitis. I finally took charge of my life during that crisis, and as soon as I did, the fever and the swelling miraculously disappeared. How? The soul reaches down, directs the body.

My illness started in my ovaries, sexual chakra, site of creativity. Until and unless I addressed that issue, I would die.

First, take charge. Let go of all “outside authorities.” Follow intuition, inner guidance (through dreams, visions, synchronicities, a book that falls off a shelf, a chance remark), its instructions for care of the body; then, as you begin to heal, as you begin to set an authentic course for your own aliveness, whatever is supposed to happen next, will!

As long as we are embodied, then the body is primary. it is our foundation. There is no way we can authentically serve the world until and unless we move into fruitful symbiosis with our own biological instrument. (Notice how many “environmentalists” who take terrible care of their own bodies!) The body is our primary environment. First care for the body, then everything else. And to that end, in these days of wild craziness all around, daily centering practices are utterly essential. For me, it’s long walks, yoga, chi kung and tai chai. Two hours of what I call “physical culture” per day. Every single day. No exceptions.

What is it for you? Do that. Be that. The universe is crying out for you to come alive. Until you do, as pioneering humanistic astrologer Dane Rudyhar┬ásaid so memorably, “there’s a hole in the universe where you’re supposed to be.”

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