Putin’s speech, Valdai 2017: Gloves off. “The U.S. cannot be trusted.”

That he still refers to this hungry failing empire as “our western partner” feels downright ironic.

Re: URANIUMGATE and my post from yesterday. Here’s some background info from Lada Ray that was not included there: nor have I seen it elsewhere. Namely: Russia gave up its Uranium to the U.S. during its time of struggle in the 1990s!

This was revealed in Putin speech at this year’s Valdai conference. It’s an example of how Russia has finally recognized that the U.S. can never be trusted to keep its agreements, or to play fair. That domination and hegemony are its only goals. Bottom line: Russia has been “too trusting,” all this time.

Putin: U.S. refusing to destroy its chemical weapons. And yet Russia did it! Where is Russian uranium?

Here’s zerohedge reporting on Putin’s speech. And notice the subtly shitty interpretation via Bloomberg of why Putin says what he does. I.e., that his motivations are entirely political!

Putin slams the U.S. “The Biggest Mistake Russia Ever Made Was to Trust You”

A video of the full speech is included in the above article. I have not listened to it, but just now found a transcript at The Saker.

Vladimir Putin’s Speech at the Meeting of the Valdai International Discussions Club

Haven’t read through the transcript either. Very dense and far-reaching. This man can obviously absorb and integrate vast amounts of complicated information on many fronts. I did check out some of the comments at the end of the transcript, especially those from “Auslander.” Very instructive.

BTW: Somewhere yesterday I noticed another section of the speech that spoke of Putin’s view that the MSM media is unfair to Trump; can no longer find that story, except as told here,  from MSM Newsweek, of all places!

Here are RT’s selections from the speech:



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