Jeff Lawton: On Possible Permacultural Tipping Points

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I love this kind of inquiry, and I’d say yes to this entire post, except I’m surprised that Lawton, a well known teacher, designer, practitioner and, I’d venture to say, internet marketing guru for global permaculture, forgot(?) one essential ingredient/result of all our decentralized regenerative projects. And that is this: to evoke and enjoy a renewed sense of community among humans and all other species who share the bounty of our Mother Earth. Indeed, cultivating an expanded and deepened sense of community may be the most crucial permacultural ingredient/result of all.

Except for humans (who have created “money” as a scrim to cover nature and then pretend that money is “the bottom line,” i.e., what’s really real!), Earth and all other earthlings just naturally know how to grow, thrive, interweave, and recycle themselves — creating food from each other’s “waste” —  together; plus: insects, fish, birds, mammals (and trees? microbes? plants? rocks? rivers? clouds? mountains? waters?, Earth herself?), each attuned to its own unique inner essence, automatically senses, resonates with, and responds to the entire surround with each focused gaze.

On the other hand, our very notion of a human “tipping point” in this case implies (a certain percentage of) people who breath into, feel utterly alive to, authentic community — with common visions, values, ideals, practices, and goals. So what I say Lawton “left out” may actually constitute the invisible medium within which everything else permacultural germinates.

What Will Create the Tipping Point?

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