Cobra, on Vegas and Putin and more; Putin’s 5-D chess game shown in “URANIUMGATE”

The latest Cobra Q&A contains one paragraph that I wholeheartedly agree with and have never seen before in print. Here he is, talking about the Las Vegas false flag:

Actually one of the things they wanted to create is that all the alternative community would analyze endlessly what happened, how it happened, why it happened. It’s one big distraction actually. It is counter productive to spend too much time analyzing this because it is just one of many attacks that happen and actually I would give you a perspective: each day chemotherapy kills more people every day in clinics around the United States and around the world and nobody seems to care.

Yes! Every time one of these false flags goes down, constant contradictory “clues” seem  to float in like manna from heaven or ashes from hell, keeping us citizen journalists busy scratching our heads, drawing up lists, connecting dots, competing for “the one true completely consistent interpretation of that puzzling event” —  until the next false flag, which tends to wipe the first one out of our minds, since, though we can see and distill “patterns,” still “makes no sense.” So maybe the next one will?

For more on chemo and radiation and all the other so-called “healing” technologies employed by the medical pharmaceutical industrial complex, check out Jon Rappaport’s blog, for example, this:

The Medical Holocaust No One Wants to Expose

Actually, this is the first Cobra post that held me all the way through. Probably because he wasn’t talking about exotic stuff like “toplet bombs” and the “Yaldabaoth entity.” (Huh?) Instead, he was very 3D and direct, noticing the absurdity of many current points of view within the so-called “lightworker” community.

Plus: This interview includes Cobra’s interesting assessment of politicians on the world stage that places Vladimir Putin miles ahead of anyone else. (Reminds me of Lada Ray’s “quantum calibration” of Putin vs. literally every other politician on the world stage.)

Aaron – Once again, in order to get a handle of the degree of evil that certain prominent people in the world are, could you give us, in your opinion, a rating on a one to ten scale, one being a good person, and ten being the epitome of evil. Starting off the first person to rate:


1. What would Henry Kissinger Rate? pure 10 (Wow, I didn’t expect that)

2. What would Dick Cheney Rate? pure 10

3. What would Donald Rumsfeld Rate? 9

4. What would George H. W. Bush Senior Rate? Bush Sr. 10 (wow)

5. What would George W Bush Junior Rate? 8 (OK)

6. What would Barack Obama Rate? Barack Obama – 5 (so he’s almost a good guy)

7. What would Vladimir Putin Rate? 2-3 I would say (OK)

8. What would Angela Merkel Rate? 8 (wow, thank you Cobra)

Lynn – Can we assume that all of these people are really alive or have any of them replaced by clones?

COBRA – They are all alive, yes. (thank you)

And with that said, I’ll turn to a long, seemingly well-researched article, which blew my mind, and of course I do wonder about its accuracy. Once again, from “State of the Nation,” whose point of view I often tend to question, but frankly, not this time!

URANIUMGATE: The Queen Bee Gets Stung by “The Putin Sting,” or:

The Clinton Crime Family Crashes and Burns



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