Harvey squeals to FBI in return for plea bargain? True? If so, have we reached the tipping point?

Harvey Weinstein gives names of Hollywood and Washington D.C. pedophiles to FBI

Saw the above last night, but notice that, despite its bombshell implications, I haven’t seen it reposted anywhere! Nor do I see any source for its main claim. On the other hand, it is a great compilation of what’s swirling around the chosen fall guy, Weinstein. And, if it is true, then might it be that the reason it hasn’t been reposted has to do with the complicit MSM media’s still desperate desire to keep the whole situation covered up?

I also see where Session has called for an FBI investigation of Weinstein. What we’ve got to remember, is that this single man, now being crucified as if he’s the only one, is not; he happens to be one of the top dogs among thousands of others — in Hollywood, politics, sports, religion, the bankster, corporate and royal cabal — all of whom depend on others around them to keep quiet about their own and/or others’ abuse. Indeed, it is our very culture as a whole, in which at least 60% of the national budget goes to the MIC, that is complicit. We have been raping and murdering “foreigners” forever, and looking the other way. For example, during the Vietnam War:

Spreading “Freedom”:  Rape of Vietnamese women During U.S. invasion was considered standard operating procedure for American troops

None of us are innocent. Each of us has a good wolf and bad wolf inside us. And as the Native American’s say, the one who wins is the one we feed.

Same for the culture at large. Though it does seem that some cultures are more predatory than others, and that ours, at least at this point in history, “takes the cake.”


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2 Responses to Harvey squeals to FBI in return for plea bargain? True? If so, have we reached the tipping point?

  1. annick says:


    Would you please check this article?
    It speaks about waves emitted by the collusion of 2 super novas some 150 million light years away, waves that reached the Earth last September and October. And still coming… As an astrologer, do you think these waves could influence what’s going on this planet? Thank you for your reflection…

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Sorry to get back to you so late. As an astrologer, I have been focused on what’s near at hand in the solar system, with very little attention paid to what lies beyond. It’s time I educate myself! And meanwhile, of course, everything influences everything else. With that in mind, let’s pay attention to what lies closest — our own body/mind/soul — and how we, in fact, are also extremely influential!

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