Harvey down. Is Hillary next? And THEN WHAT?

Okay. How to begin this post? With the pic that shows Huma (married to a  convicted pedophile), Harvey (current fall guy and distraction), and Hillary (married to a sex addict, whose impeachment expenses for the “stain on the blue dress” were paid by Harvey) together?

Or, should I begin with Hillary’s already infamous remarks when pressed on Harvey’s ignominous fall?

Oh, wait. Let’s go back in time. Let’s return to something that I’ve referred to again and again: MK Ultra mind-controlled sex worker and since 1995, whistleblower, Kathy O’Brien’s, her incredible book Trance Formation of America which documents sexual abuse by Hillary when still a child.

All of which makes me wonder about what Julian Assange is referring to in yesterday’s recent veiled remarka on HIllary.

Okay, now back to Hollywood (pedowood) — and beyond. It’s not just the Catholic Church, or sports figures, or the music and entertainment industry. According to Liz Crokin ad others, fully one-third of the government is involved in a Satanic pedophile ring with the threat of blackmail to keep all the hidden perps in line.

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  1. Anthony says:

    Hi Anne, long time reader/first time poster.

    Love your blog, including your retrospections and varied postings! A very good balance of material.

    On the pedophile front: I think that this is probably THE number-one topic that, were it be exposed in totality, would END all of the abuse around the world…after all the perps are rounded up. Such is the power of people’s love for children that this issue is absolutely one that would unite us ALL.

    That said, I bought “Trance-formation” after reading something you wrote about it some time back. It was a powerful book, though I must admit that had I read it twenty years ago when it first came out I would have laughed it off. But I remembered reading a section of it published in a David Icke book, and – and this is important:

    I read it immediately after reading John DeCamp’s book, “The Franklin Cover-Up” on the Nebraska banking scandal that obliquely involved Boy’s Town, an orphanage run by the Catholic Church.

    That book includes EVERYTHING that “Transformation” does, and it is MUCH better documented. In fact, a documentary was made for the Discovery channel based on that book that was pulled from viewing *at the last second*, but which can be found on You-Tube called “Conspiracy of Silence”.

    After reading that book and seeing that movie, it is obvious that the wheels almost came off the pedomobile 25 years ago. It is a miracle it has gone this far without mass rioting already happening.

    I mean, DeCamp had young witnesses ready to give testimony that they were attending orgies AT THE WHITE HOUSE. Unfortunately, many of them wound up dead (or in jail – after being hit with perjury charges).

    But THAT is the book and the movie that the public needs to be exposed to at this time, because it is SO much more credible than even “Transformation” and it ticks off every box: pedophilia; drug-running; gun-running; Iran-Contra: MKUltra (several witnesses were mind-controlled – and one even gave testimony for “America’s Most Wanted”).

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for keeping up with this topic, because it truly IS “The topic of topics” that could END all the abuses forever, were it to become common knowledge.

    Take care!

    – Anthony

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Hey Anthony, thanks for your commentary. I agree, the Franklin story is extraordinary and maybe better for initial “credibility” for skeptics. I guess I focus more on Trance Formation because it was my own personal wake-up call — and even though when I first read it, I couldn’t believe it, I also couldn’t forget it; and it forever soured my view of Hillary. In any case, yes, I agree, THIS (pedophilia, ritual child murder, trafficking, etc.) is THE elephant in the global living room. Let’s hope the takedown is now. And BTW: just noticed that the “Me Too” meme that’s everywhere on facebook now (“me too”: i.e., I’ve been assaulted, raped, cat-called, etc. etc. by boorish men) is now starting to spawn confessional stories, and some of them of being assaulted as children. So it appears that this elephant is now churning up the grassroots.

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