David Icke (and others): On “The tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip . . .”

Time to get off our tippy toes, plant our feet solidly into holy ground, and realize: we who are alive on planet Earth now chose, on a soul level, to be present during this penultimate moment in history, his-story, his totally fucked-up, destructive patriarchal story, when all that has been held in denial, under cover, too icky/evil to contemplate, is actually coming to the surface. Each massive current story just in this country alone (I leave out news that is barely “old” — massive destructive hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico; I leave out huge ongoing  geopolitical earthquakes and rumors of war, most of which drummed up by this failing, flailing USG/MIC Empire) — all of them threatening to eclipse all the others — exists as the tiniest tip of a tip of a tip — of one particular iceberg, which interlocks with all of the other icebergs to cover this beautiful Earth with the unspeakably ghastly results of unchecked (and I presume, mostly unconscious (I’m being kind)) patriarchal rage.

Tip of the Iceberg — Image by © Ralph A. Clevenger/CORBIS

First, let’s take David Icke’s perspective here, on the Harvey Weinstein scandal, for it is he who articulated the “tip of the tip of the tip” phrase. Icke did so in an attempt to even begin to evoke the massively widening/deepening context of this single scandal, which seems to be spreading and deepening hourly. Pay attention. It’s not pretty. And it’s been going on a long time, in every arena and strata of our so-called civilized society.

Then let’s consider just two more current stories, again both of them massive, still spreading as I write this, and each one distracting us from the others.

First, the Las Vegas false flag, the official story of which not only keeps mutating, but two witnesses (to multiple shooters) have already disappeared — at least one of them dead.

Las Vegas massacre survivor dies abruptly after posting her detailed eyewitness account of multiple shooters on Facebook

The security guard who was due to talk on television disappeared just prior to his interviews.

And then, of course, there are all of the contradictions.

I tend to think that many (most?) contradictions in so-called “news” stories are designed that way, to keep us both engaged (trying to figure it out, and proud of ourselves for thinking we’ve done so) and confused (but what does it mean? how was it done? who’s to blame? and cui bono? — on and on), and especially, distracted from whatever they need us not to pay attention to. Paul Craig Roberts, for one, has gotten so confused (by whether or not there were real, hospitalized victims, and if so who is who?) that he says he’s not going to publish anything else on the situation until it clears up. Will it? Probably not: Remember 9/11, all the contradictions and other weirdnesses on that day. To refresh your memory, three tiny examples: the (convenient) passport on the New York sidewalk; the barely disturbed Pennsylvania field where the airliner supposedly went down; the strange, too small hole in the Pentagon.

Curtain down on Las Vegas Shooting

I find it interesting that the Paul Craig Roberts posting discusses the Northwoods document, since — synchronistically — I just a few minutes ago watched Melissa and Aaron Dykes Truthstream Media’s piece on the Northwoods document proving that the USG figured out how to keep us totally confused way back in 1963!

Okay. One more. The California fires. And this one is as chilling as it gets. So many ask: how did it happen? Some say that PG and E transformers were the cause (due to high winds: but the winds didn’t start until after the fires did!).

Others mention meteriorites. But the following, unfortunately, seems more likely. Frankly, I wish I could doubt it. But I too, noticed that the massive California fires that all started pretty much at once and seemed themselves to initiate huge winds, happened to incinerate all sorts of man made structures — but didn’t touch some of the trees. Huh?

California Fires were not “wild,” they were engineered.

And that of course, is another tip of the tip of the tip. See Dane Wigington’s www.geogengineeringwatch.org for more. Too bad we can’t set an enormous iceberg on these horrific fires.



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  1. I paraphrase Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D. discusses “A Course in Miracles”

    Transforming Darkness and Despair

    The point of “I Need Do Nothing” is, that we don’t have to define problems in the world and then need to do something about them, that we recognize that the only real problem is in our minds and that’s what we have to do something about by choosing again.

    That line, “I need do nothing,” can also be taken to mean that I need to do nothing on my own, namely that what I do I should not do with my ego, which is what it means to do something on our own, but rather we do it with Jesus as our teacher. And when he guides us, what he would guide us in is learning to be forgiving and to see everyone
    as being essentially the same having a common interest rather than the divisive interests that divide us.

    So what that means is that as we live our lives, that while we clearly have to do things in the world, we want to do them with a different teacher.

    Transforming Darkness and Despair: https://youtu.be/iI-Ee_Pu3sE

    I find this particular short discussion uplifting.

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