Partial (skewed?) “disclosure” with Tom Delonge’s “To the Stars”

Given the still-thundering aftermath of Vegas, plus the increasingly fiery California holocaust, it’s no wonder that not many seemed to have paid attention to the trumped-up hoopla “partial disclosure” announcement by rock star Tom Delonge.

I didn’t watch his press conference itself, figuring it would be some sort of “disclosure of threats from outer space” (given all the MIC players backing him), but I did pay attention to what certain others thought of it. For example, Jordan Sather, who was, frankly, boiling mad.

I guess that Linda Moulton Howe was similarly disturbed, but she tried to disguise it — in hopes, perhaps, that this kind of skewed “disclosure” will eventually turn into something more — what? Straightforward? More expansive? Less oriented towards technology and threats and more towards spirituality and consciousness? The latter would be my bias.

Another, even more diplomatic commentator, Michael Salla, focuses on the “promise” of “transport revolution.” Again, I sense that Salla is also hoping that this the foot in the door for genuine disclosure; that this effort will help to blast off the conceptual helmet that the USG and the MIC screwed onto humanity’s head ( with the “ridicule factor” to keep it on), beginning with Roswell in 1947.

Launch of To The Stars Academy Promises Transport Revolution with Space-Time Technology

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  1. Three old timers such as: Robert David Steele, Dr. Steve Pieceznik, even the ever-young and knowledgeable, Catherin Austin Fitts. all agree in including “reconciliation,” a partially successful, government sanctioned, form of forgiveness of all past wrongful deeds so long as they appear before a seated panel and come clean and presumably a public record is made.

  2. The negative only UFO perspectives lacks a larger positive perspective that dominates. In missing time work I brief subjects first with this perspective:

    “My research indicates nearly every missing time case involving UFO-alien encounter is actually a positive scenario and not the negative X-File drama we see on t.v. Abductions are different than what they seem and are actually done with your soul level agreement to participate. It is the conscious self that must be lovingly reasoned with to understand. Your higher self, guided with the Spirit and your subconscious, is incorruptible, and it holds the truth for you. Your subconscious knows the higher truth.”

  3. After listening to each of the three excellent videos you provided us, my general feelings are positive. I’m especially focused on their new proposed phone application for going live and reporting to a screen live events. If this phone app is administered in an open and transparent fashion, the risk is minimized that the phone app will be used against us as a false flag tool of disinformation. The press to move humanity forward, awakened, and peaceful will outweigh the negative. Pick your focus where your soul resonates.

  4. “To The Stars” Credibility index on a scale of 1 to 100 with 100 being near perfect, I rate their starting effort Dog ang Pony show at 40.

    None of them have earned Street Credits for Speaking Truth to Power.

    Most of them have signed bold-death oaths to secrecy. Some have perfected their abilities to fool even a lie detector.

    The organization would gain at least 30 points, possibly more if they instead joined forces with Dr Steven Greer’s and/or Mike Adams Natural News.

  5. Research into the shell games of the Dark Arts set the stage for a Dark Production.

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