Jupiter enters Scorpio today, 10/10/17 at 9:30 AM EDT

Jolly, generous Jupiter, planet of expansion, largess, wealth, leaves Libra where for the last year it has been focused on equality in relationships, the diplomatic dance that sometimes stays on the surface just to keep the peace. That Jupiter now enters Scorpio signifies that relationships now enter a deeper territory. What has been hidden comes to the surface. This deepening may wreck the relationship, or it may strengthen and transform it, depending on whether or not we are capable and willing to work with the complexities within our own souls and our projections of those qualities within ourselves onto others.

So, if you have been dancing around issues with important others, then expect to confront them head on, or maybe I should say gut on; for what counts here are the dark, rich feelings that lie deep within ourselves — our ability to accept them and process through them, no matter what.

Ultimately, Jupiter usually leads to good fortune, luck — assuming we “do our work” on uncovering what lies below, in ourselves, and integrating it to become whole. In personal relationships, this work, done by both people, offers surprising results! You thought you knew yourself, and you didn’t. You thought you knew the other person and you didn’t. Each one, in processing through his or her own feelings, offers a mirror to the other of personal enrichment.

What a remarkable journey we are on in this life, peeling back the layers of ourselves to uncover the richness within! And when we do our uncovering in the presence of the Other, the richness of mutual discovery can amplify the process for both in seemingly miraculous, magical ways.

Jupiter stays in each sign one year. When in the Libra/Scorpio section of the zodiac, the emphasis is on personal relationships, with the second sign (Scorpio) correcting the excesses or the inhibitions of the first (Libra). In other words, to the extent that we have been “nice” to keep the peace, we will no longer be able to do so. Our feelings are now surfacing, and there’s nothing we can do about it, for these long suppressed feelings are strong, very strong, and we must learn to allow and master them in order to successfully negotiate any of our important relationships.

Next year Jupiter will begin its 12 year cycle all over again, when it enters its home sign Sagittarius, after a 12-year cycle that highlights each sign for a year and then moves on to correct the excesses or deficiencies of the sign it has just exited. In other words, we can look upon the zodiac as an evolutionary process, and each time we start all over again, it will either be to repeat ourselves, or to utilize the prior cycle as a strong foundation for what happens next. In this way, we learn to spiral rather than go round and round in circles. As a double Sagittarian myself, so doubly ruled by generous Jupiter, I can attest that spiraling is a lot more fun than repeating!

Perhaps the most important quality of Jupiter comes from its ruling sign, Sagittarius, which governs philosophy, ethics, higher perspectives. In the question of personal relationships, higher perspective will come in, but not for a year; meanwhile, it’s best to feel all those hidden feelings, not only within the self, but in their dance with the other and his or her feelings, also emerging from the deeps. Relationships are worth nothing nothing, until they have been thus tested!

Note in this ingress chart, that Jupiter entered Scorpio when the Moon was at 21° Gemini, directly opposite Saturn, still moving slowly through the final 1/3 of Sagittarius at 22°of that sign. Serious (Saturn) perspectives (Sagittarius) on information (Gemini) will be required during this coming year. Note also that these two planets, Moon and Saturn are both closely square (90°) to a conjunction between Mars and Venus, the two planets most closely associated with male/female relationships! So the theme of relationships, begun in Libra, deepens in Scorpio, and in this particular cycle, in accordance with the configuration that signifies its initiation, needs to be worked through carefully, with finesse and discernment of details, due to the placement of the Mars/Venus conjunction in analytic Virgo.

BTW: the “personal relationship” that we seek to deepen can also be purely within the self, what Jung referred to as the “inner marriage” between the male and female aspects of the self that seek a deeper union. Furthermore, whether or not we are also in relationship with a person outside the self, this inner marriage is primary; what is required for the alchemical Scorpionic process to work its way through to completion.

Good luck! But then remember: Jupiter signifies luck, good fortune! So success, if we do allow and encourage the fullness of the process, is assured.

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