Pockets of Regeneration Inside this Fading Empire

Mr. Fish

If the U.S. were a human person, I would certainly not want to be his (or her? let’s say his) friend. I couldn’t trust him. He will do or say anything to get ahead, to be the boss, to be the last man standing on a ruined planet. Just like a kid playing with matches, he is in love with fire, and either can’t see the consequences of his continuous destructive actions, or else doesn’t care. Probably the latter. For this “friend” is a sociopath. Nearly robotic. Runs on automatic. A continuous rat-a-tat of bullets screaming and spraying anywhere but to his own heart. Where they belong. A friend like this should be put out of his misery before he ruins everything around him.

But the U.S. isn’t a human person. It’s worse. He’s a “nation state,” crammed full of ravenous bureaucracies and competing alphabet agencies and endless rabbit holes of corruption and scandals galore and continuous secrecy — all in the name of “national security” and powered by fiat money. Lots of corporate silos of info and/or disinfo, mapping and zapping everybody’s brains and DNA and emails and conversations, sitting side by side, reaching for the sky in downtown skyscrapers or squatting like fat pigs in gigantic buildings lining beltways around D.C. and other major cities, all competing with one another for funds to promote the next war, the next false flag, the next dumbing down pharmaceutical or “educational policy,” the next major two-faced political campaign or private prison or security apparatus, the next violent T.V. drama or movie with which to hoodwink “the people” into ever deepening layers of the fear-porning mind-control matrix.

Below, I post three pieces that speak to this reality, all of them cynical. Too bad. I admit, it’s hard to think in other ways, unless you live and work/play in one of the tiny little seedlings of regeneration like our Green Acres Village that are cropping up inside cities and towns all over this vast fading American empire. As a group that toured our village yesterday evening exclaimed: “It’s another world!” Yes, it is. And yet surrounded by all the gunk that our culture is capable of. After just a few years lived with conscious intent, our village enjoys a frequency that infects all who venture inside its tiny borders (all in all, with three houses and grounds, and greenhouses, chicken house, shed and soon-to-be common workshop space — only .6 of an acre total!), to the point where visitors talk about this place as huge! Enormous! And it does feel that way, all due to its many tiny spaces, each one its own little nourishing universe, lovingly cared for, flowing into the others, all flowing into the whole: fractal. Just like the entire world could be, permacultured from the ground up into community inviting the cosmos!  If only we would all wake up to the multidimensional abundance that is possible, to what lies within us, to our ancestral remembrance of  the mystery and magic of Mother Nature.

Chris Hedges: The End of Empire


Gordon Duff: We Have Met the Evil Empire and It Is Us


Julian Rose: The Megalomania of Modern America



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  1. Jean Hopkins says:

    Sad but true. The United States needs to be cured from the illnesses of capitalism. The good news is socialism is being recognized as a more beneficial economic system. The Democratic Socialist Association (of America) is gaining members.

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