Is this the “definitive last word” on the Mandalay Massacre?

Of all the enormous number of citizen journalist videos and commentaries, this one, to my knowledge, connects the largest number of dots. Going straight to the heart of the matter, it lists parallels between Las Vegas and 9/11. Correctly?

If so, how do we respond? Last time we trotted out the flag, submitted to the so-called “Patriot Act,” and had the word “terrorism” and “endless war” drummed into our sorry brains by the MSM that we have since learned is in cahoots with the perps. Thus, this time we’re not so naive. In fact, within minutes of when the ominous rat-tat-tat began we started to mutter the words: “false flag.”  

The Deadliest Terrorist Attack on U.S. Soil since 9/11

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3 Responses to Is this the “definitive last word” on the Mandalay Massacre?


    This report parallels Pamela Aaralyn’s channeling posted earlier.

  2. Not a drop of Blood seen….

    This video keeps getting removed.

  3. This is the breakthrough report for law enforcement that will carry the wind of truth

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