Grant Cameron: If telepathy is real, then “everything in time and space is connected.”


Bingo! Grant Cameron approaches the question of ET contact from the point of view of consciousness — non-local consciousness, i.e., “the ground of being,” that which “produces matter.” He notes that most of those those who claim personal experience with ET say that the communication is telepathic, that they hear a voice in their heads. Cameron likens this voice to intuition, to that which arises in the mind when we manage to still the left brain and allow the spaciousness of the right brain to fill with what we are meant to receive. Those who “hear voices” — I count myself among them — have long known that these voices give direction to the soul, helping us discern the future that we are destined to lean into. The question always is: “What am I meant to do next?” This question is for oneself alone, the soul contract YOU came in here determined to fulfill. And the question, at the end of life, is again for yourself alone: Did you do it? Did you fulfill your contract?

I really appreciate this focus on consciousness rather than on “craft.” To witness materializations in the sky is not the point, folks. That only betrays our culture’s materialistic bias — something that much of the UFO community is also fixated on. Without realizing it, many people, no matter what their “beliefs,” assume that matter is primary, and that ET must use crafts to get here! Rather than recognizing that all of space and time is connected, many people still point to the so-called laws of physics that say nothing can exceed the speed of light.

But if consciousness is omnipresent, if consciousness is non-local, the intelligence beyond any of the phenomena associated with ET, then the goal, for us silly humans — who still act as if we are alone in the universe, and proceed, meanwhile to continue to devise more and more lethal ways to kill each other  — is communication, contact.

Don’t expect ET to come down and land on the White House lawn. Given the uncivilized state of this culture, they’d be instantly gunned down.

Rather, to receive contact, all we need to do is open our minds and hearts.

Cameron assumes that “disclosure” is occurring world-wide, bottom up, through experiences that many many people are having.

All this goes very well with the global movement to introduce CE-5 protocols to small groups everywhere that Steven Greer introduced, and that Kosta Makreas is now leading.

Glad to be a part of it.

BTW: if everything is connected, then separation is an illusion. As Cameron points out: “evil always stems from a belief in separation” which is the fundamental pillar of our capitalist system of competition and scarcity. As long as capitalism is the system we live within, then military people everywhere will be “paid to be paranoid” and fear (of “evil aliens”) will sell tickets to UFO conferences.

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One Response to Grant Cameron: If telepathy is real, then “everything in time and space is connected.”

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    In the early 90’s my Uncle Archie Buckley, a pretty well known outdoorsman, showed me and others how he was able to call in UFO’s…he could tell us to the second when they would arrive over head. He would do a meditation after dark while slowly facing off the four main compass points. Then turn and say something like…”They are over the Himalayas and will be here in 12 and a half minutes.” … 10, 9, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1…wooosh three lights in bright formation zoom in and spread out in a star burst. The background stars would turn black as the shape of some giant mother ship blocked the starlight. It was freaky awesome. Electronic recording devices kept running but became snowy and grainy. Sleeping bags with rubber mattresses would vibrate and bounce around on the ground. Archie used to do this many years before Dr. Greer independently developed his own CE-5 protocols. When I came across Greer I realized Greer was on to a powerful answer….bypass the Deep State, make direct contact, work to release Zero-Point-Energy.

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