Green Acres Village: Preserving Party, Work Hour — photos, and nature’s music

I’ll never forget Eva’s demonstration of a horse’s whinny at last week’s Community Dinner. She turned around so that her back was to us, composed herself, and then let out an utterly uncanny long sound. I could feel a horse materialize right then and there! Unfortunately, we have no audio record of it.

This week’s Community Dinner is tonight, and if the rain continues, will be here inside the Overhill house. Dan’s in the kitchen now making his signature dish, black eyed peas and collard greens. He’ll vacuum and clean the bathroom after he gets off work (at the library) at 5 p.m. I’ll make stuffed squash this afternoon and clean up the kitchen.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a bunch of photos here from recent occasions in the Green Acres Village, plus two audios that illustrate what Andreas and Rebecca were talking about when they paused to absorb the ambient sounds during our regular work party Tuesday evening.

First, Rebecca enticed Dan and I over with an offer of a Preserving PARTY Monday evening, and then was persuaded to give us beers while we worked, since, after all, the emphasis had been on PARTY!

Setting to work, shelling bean pods for their heirloom seeds:

Next, our regular work party on Tuesday night. As usual, we all gathered to hear from Rebecca the various tasks.

She put me on harvesting whatever’s left (except for kale and chard) in the main garden.

A tiny part of the harvest:

She put John and Dario back on the bamboo fence project.

Notice that it’s starting to get dark . . .

Andreas was assigned to weeds.

Notice that the gracefully beautiful bamboo structure that held all the beans is now broken from the weight. Dan is already busy working on a new and heftier design for next year’s structure.

Dan, Sam and Logan were assigned to moving dirt — part of ongoing project to make the basement of this house utterly rainproof.

Notice it begins to get dark here, too!

Okay. Now on to the exciting part. And back to audio. Andreas and Rebecca were working on weeds, and discussing the sounds made by birds, when Rebecca noticed a screech owl calling.

Andreas, who is completing his doctorate in music at IU, was of course curious:

How big are they? I asked Rebecca. Oh, about like this:

Here’s the sound of an eastern screach owl:

I told Rebecca and Andreas about the cricket chirping sound slowed down. Crickets are ubiquitous here. They’re calling right outside my window today, in early afternoon.

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