Full Moon October 5, 2017: Our Balancing Act

I wondered, hmmm., when is this Full Moon?  And discovered it’s in almost exactly three hours! Not sure why, but this time, I’m going to do a ceremony during the Full Moon. My deceased husband Jeff and I used to do these ceremonies during both New and Full Moons. First, we would create a tiny altar on the floor, and sit across from each other. Then, we’d sage each other, light the candle, and ring a bell to signify the beginning of a five minute meditation. Afterwards, each of us would speak our Truth to the other, with the other listening closely, and without comment. Then, utilizing various mantic methods — Tarot, Animal Cards, Runes — we would each discover what the symbols of the day have to offer, internally  blending these in with both the meditation and our truth telling. Finally, we would blow out the candle and ring the bell again to signify the end of the ceremony. All very satisfying, and taking up less than one contemplative hour every two weeks in our otherwise very busy lives.

Ceremony seems like a good idea, eh? Especially during this particular Full Moon, which happens to be in Aries/Libra. Since Libra is the sign of balance anyway, a celebration of the continuous balancing act, the dynamic dance between one’s own path and the blending of one’s path with another is always welcome. And again, especially when this particular Full Moon also happens to be square (90°) — in friction with — Pluto, the prime mover, who first destroys in order to regenerate, the continuous seeding, growing, maturing, decaying of people, plants, worlds — what does NOT change? All is change. Heraclitis said it: we can’t step into the same river twice.

What has changed for me is that for the past 15 years, Jeff no longer sits across from me in meditation. Now my dance is internal, the continuous balancing between right and left brains, love and light, head and heart, male and female within. There is no stopping it. There is only the ever blooming NOW. So grateful!

And wouldn’t you know. The chart for Bloomington puts the Ascendant at 7° Capricorn, exactly upon my natal Mercury! No wonder I decided to post this! Synchronicities abound. There is no end to the divine orchestration of events that hold us in sacred communion — within ourselves, with each other, and with the entire universe. HELLO, fellow travelers!

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