Final(?) Perspectives on the Las Vegas Shooting

I’m beginning to get pissed that we are all still being held in thrall by the latest “mass shooting by lone gunman.” It really does seem as if “they” want us to pay close attention to the proliferating contradictions — ignoring everything else, all the perfidy “they” are up to elsewhere — to the point where our logical brains just explode and we drop into confusion, malaise, impotence — and beg for relief. From whom? From “the authorities,” of course, who, as usual, trotted out the official narrative almost immediately; once we give up and “beLIEve” it, we are marched that much closer to being mind-controlled forever into the clanking, centralized Deep Police State.

So let’s not “give up,” okay? Instead, while remaining very much aware of the cunundrums within the latest Deep State Drama, let’s devote our attention to building the new world within the ashes of the old.

Here are two (final?) perspectives, both of which I very much appreciate.

Paul Craig Roberts claims he doesn’t know, if this massacre was a false flag, nor, he claims, will we ever know, given what has happened to investigative journalism in the past few decades. However . . . he then details (some of) the numerous weird anomalies:

Las Vegas Shooting

Meanwhile, from aim4truth, this educational syllabus of “false flag markers” that utilizes this shooting event as an example. Given their headline, the authors clearly do conclude it was a false flag.

Analyzing the Mandalay Massacre False Flag

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  1. Las Vegas Official Story Collapsing.


    Don’t interview event attendees on mainstream media if you want to maintain a cover-up.

    Broadcast nationally Wednesday afternoon, a lady on Michael Savage Radio Show carefully explained not only did everyone hear more than one shooter, the rhythms were different it wasn’t an echo.


    The 4th Floor Shooter from another structure to the west of Mandalay Bay Hotel, with an open window was shown shooting on several camera shots. The lady was given national spotlight saying that standing next to her facing 90-degrees away from the 32-Floor Shooter at Mandalay Bay and facing the 4-th Floor Shooter, took a direct frontal shot in her stomach. This of course was not possible from the 32-floor shooter theory. Similar reports came from police recordings on the live swat team police radio.

    What makes this report different from dozens of other testimonies is that it went national and is being picked up by some mainstream media outlets. Truth is breaking through.


    A rare soul places herself in harm’s way for the benefit of us all in light and love.

    Pamela has been this way all her life ever since the night when she was 5 and experienced a light-being entering her bedroom, touching her three times and speaking to her. Touching her heart and saying “Now you feel.” Touching her third eye saying, “Now you see.” Touching the crown of her head and saying, “Now you know.”

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