Concerning the drastic drama in Las Vegas — AND IN OUR MINDS

Like most people, I’m foolish enough to get roped into trying to “figure out” what really happened in Las Vegas. Of course the contradictions, conflicting stories, “cognitive dissonance,” all of which create confusion, is part of the design. Leaves us feeling foolish, impotent, a bit crazy — and thus longing for clarity, for something that makes sense, for some government or TV authority to tell us, in calm, dulcet tones, what really happened — unless and until we become conscious and aware of these natural reactions and stop identifying with them. Instead, know that this latest drama is all part of a long-running scenario that aims to corral us into a police state wherein only the government has the guns.

Yes. Like thousands of others, I have watched, during wakefulness in the middle of the night, at least parts of innumerable videos by citizen journalists who question myriad aspects of this latest, and most lethal, false flag “lone shooter” scenario: the history and “character” of the supposed lone gunman; testimony from his brother, his neighbor, his hotel neighbor; shots fired from where? On pharmaceuticals? How many shooters? What? He once worked for Lockheed Martin — the prime contractor for the MIC?!? What does THAT mean???

More: How many shooter locations? Did everybody really just instantly fall down when they heard shots? Are they really dead and wounded or are they crisis actors? Or maybe both? How could they anyone hear the shots in the first place, when the music was so loud? What about the woman who screamed that they were all going to die 45 minutes beforehand. What about the supposed shooters drill held during the days before the event.

The good news is that we alert citizens have been “on it” from the instant this event began to unroll. Very few of us trust the official narrative anymore, despite its repetition ad nauseam  by the MSM. On the other hand, it appears that “they” don’t even care anymore whether or not we’re instantly “on it.” In fact, they get off on how they can so easily manipulate us, and laugh as we allow this latest official disinfo distraction — from what? what? — to preoccupy us.

I wonder how the police in Las Vegas can live with themselves, given that they have to collude with the deep state to make all the questions go away.

Here’s Jon Rappoport, who puts the questions in context, showing the pattern.

Multiple shooters in Vegas: The standard progression in staged attacks

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8 Responses to Concerning the drastic drama in Las Vegas — AND IN OUR MINDS

  1. In my opinion this lady is the real deal. Pamela has been this way all her life. Up to the age of five she thought everyone was this way. Her very balance is placed at risk in doing this…bless her heart.

  2. alex simack says:

    No doubt the local police were told that a “drill” was to take place at the hotel, to stay away, that DHS would provide all necessary security. Then later, the “drill” goes hot, but “we’ll find out what happened, we’re on top of it here.” FBI and DHS always pull rank on local police.

  3. Janice Berndt says:

    Thank you for putting words to the jumble of thoughts and feelings I’ve had since hearing of this event. So helpful!

  4. rose day says:

    I happened across footage via SGT that featured video of the 4th floor rapid-fire-flash. The (live) video is effective and casts into doubt the main-stream-media (msm) lone-shooter account.

    Presently under fire in some quarters, msm could easily instigate ‘damage control’ in this instance by investigating the myriad of valid points of concern that have surfaced in the aftermath of the incident…such as…

    *How did the shooter amass the weaponry, undetected, given purchase requirements for such weaponry?
    *How did the shooter manage entry and concealment of the weaponry at the hotel given Vegas surveillance capabilities?
    *By credible account, the shooter (non-military) was not gun-oriented so who trained this supposed ‘lone’ gunman in the skilled use of advanced weaponry?

    True news reporting should be able to effectively develop and follow leads on issues such as the preceding rather than promote what reads like conjecture as indisputable

  5. annick says:

    Check out Sane Progressive’s videos on the shooting, either Facebook or YouTube.

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