Is Donald Trump our (perhaps unwitting) HEYOKA (sacred clown)?

To all (including myself) who wonder, possibly with determined detachment from the fray; or more likely, with either fury or frustration, fanatical adherence or fanatical revulsion, whether Donald Trump is either just plain crazy or crazy like a fox — how about this,  a decidedly holistic and multidimensional perspective?

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2 Responses to Is Donald Trump our (perhaps unwitting) HEYOKA (sacred clown)?

  1. I think Trump, the person, is a douche-waffle, but Trump in his persona is the perfect Heyoka. Change does not flow out of order. It flows out of Chaos. And I’m all for chaos/change. Bring it on I say, and if it means bring it all down first, I’m fine with that, too! These days, I have no interest in what Trump does or does not do. He has no ability to ruffle my feathers. But… I am fascinated by what all of US do in reaction to his tweets, blunders, and strange doings. He plays us (and I really do not believe he does this consciously) like a fiddle. A quote from the very end of the book “Wapiti Wilderness” by the Muries in reference to the energy of autumn, but equally appropriate to our current situation: “Take down! Take down! It is time to begin!”

  2. Lowkey says:

    YES I am lokota HEYOKA. And TRUMP is HEYOKA

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