Is the NFL ConFLAGration symbolic of deep societal transformation?

Ever the Sagittarian optimist, I certainly hope so!

Now that I realize just why big time corporate football has become so much an arm of the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) — ah! but of course, I should have known!

— and yes, I share this “rogue journalist”‘s point of view on our “flag” or any other:

If Only Americans Care About War Victims Like They Care About This Fucking Piece of Cloth

(the above url wouldn’t load. Google it.)

— isn’t it about time we turned from cheering the stupifying “controlled violence” of professional football and other “bread and circuses” to address real issues, real crises, REALITY, both humanitarian and ecological? Hard to believe this NFL conflagration has been taking place during the extreme post-hurricane long-term emergencies in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico! (But then of course it isn’t hard to believe when we realize the function of controlled distraction is to keep the sheeple zombified.)

Especially, isn’t it time we recognized what “our” military has been doing in “our” name, using OUR young men (and now women!) as tools to kill and be killed for — how long? Shall we go back to the total “body count” (a phrase popularized during the Vietnam War — every day on TV, we listened to that horrid day’s “body count”) since World War II?

US Has Killed More Than 20 Million People Since World War II

Or shall we go further back — past both world wars (started, controlled and profited from by big banks) to the American Civil War (billed as “against slavery,” but really pro-big business), to  the the ongoing genocide and dehumanization of   Native Americans and other indigenous peoples.

NFL Hysteria A Reminder of How Elite Have Controlled Men for Thousands of Years 

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2 Responses to Is the NFL ConFLAGration symbolic of deep societal transformation?

  1. rose day says:

    One has to wonder what political shenanigans are going on behind the scenes in this latest diversionary tactic.

  2. Janice Berndt says:

    Once again, I thank you for presenting an alternative viewpoint on an issue.

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