On the 16th Anniversary of 9/11, relativity reigns.

Have you noticed? On this 16th anniversary of 9/11, what had been the iconic ugly signature of the new millennium registers this year like a mere blip on the collective radar?

Yes. Relativity reigns. The horrors of 9/11, 16 years ago today, seem to fade into the oblivion left by current events: in the U.S. alone, most western states engulfed in flames, and meanwhile, the south and southeast ravaged by hurricanes Harvey and Irma, with Jose coming right up. Can any human mind grasp the enormity of what is happening? Especially when you factor in the likelihood that all these events are either designed or steered and amped up via weather wars — by what we have learned since 9/11 to call “The Powers That Be,” and in the last year, “The Deep State.”

Today, on my morning walk with puppy Shadow, I sensed us ploughing through thick chemicalized air. Up above, the misty remains of merged parallel chemtrails. Idle thought: is this apparent ramp up of poisoned skies due to Irma, the remains of which reach Indiana tomorrow? If so, what is, or are, the “reasons.”

On the other hand, who cares what the “reasons” are. I just want them to stop it. NOW. Geez! I just had a new nephew born; will Mathew Rainier and the other beautiful brave beings whose souls chose to enter this beleagured Earth now be allowed to grow up?

Walking along, I think of the quarrel within the UFO community about the dispositions of our extraterrestrial (and/or interdimensional) visitors? Are all aliens good? All evil? Some good, some evil? Arguments can be made for all three possibilities. I prefer to see the situation in our skies as just like here on earth. There are good folks and bad folks, and the good folks far outweigh the bad ones; however, since we good ones tend to think most people are like us, good, we cannot even conceive of the kinds of evil apparently being perpetrated upon us by the far fewer number of bad ones. The 99% vs. the 1%. Aha! “9/11” includes the same numbers: “9” signature of endings, and “1” signature of new beginnings.

Yes, 9/11 today! Its trauma-incucing memory shrouded over by chemtrails, designer hurricanes and designer droughts.

Here’s some background:

Chemtrails and Human GeoEngineering

None of this negates the idea that yes, climate change is also occurring, and solar flares, etc., and that some climate change most likely is due to human industrial activity. However, let’s face it. It does appear that “they” do want to ramp up the ongoing environmental devastation, despite that it affects them too, does it not? Well not, they think, if they can escape the planet first, or go underground. Both possibilities, but unlikely, given the shortened time-spans of the unfolding disasters.

Remember, please: “dis-aster” means “to turn away from the stars.” Even though we in the U.S. were astonished by the 8/21 Great American Total Eclipse, our brief numinous glimpse of this extraordinary event in the heavens and our concomittant sudden remembrance of earth’s connection to the heavens, of our own tiny human participation in the unity of all creation — was immediately curtailed by millions of damn screens, pulled out instantly, from all those pockets, to photograph the “scene.”

I think back to 9/11, and how, after the phone call that told me to turn on the TV, and then I did, and witnessed my first of many replays of the first tower being hit, my immediate, instantaneous intuition was INSIDE JOB. To me there was no question. Some faction within our own government had either done that, or made sure that it got done.

All the flag-waving that followed left me with a sick feeling. Nothing like ramping up patriotism to follow a gigantic false flag that, let’s face it, remains seared in memory like nothing else except the Kennedy assasination back in 1963. For of course, we elders also witnessed the back of JFK’s head being blown off.

Let’s factor in the absurdity of official explanations for both 9/11 and the JFK assasination. I’ve come to the conclusion that not only were we meant to witness the atrocities, we were also meant to quickly or eventually realize that the official explanations are absurd. “But how could that be? Would our government lie to us? No No No. Can’t be.” Thus do we grow confused. A sense of hopelessness, futility steals over us, robs our energy.  Both sheer horror and official false facts work to keep us dumbed down, numb, oblivious, and hopefully, forever distracted by all our addictions as well as the sheer exigencies of trying to “make a (minimum wage) living” in a perverted world.

Six weeks after 9/11, when they rolled out the hefty (two feet thick? I think I remember reading that somewhere) Patriot Act, which had been sitting on a shelf waiting for its false flag moment, I saw what was coming next. Universal surveillance, increasingly centralized police state, and, of course, to keep the already militarized economy going, a newly named, endless, ongoing “War on Terror.”

One wonders, is this war about to cease? Because, let’s face it, given the scale of the internal damage from the hurricanes (and don’t forget the fires), it looks like we can’t afford to even rebuild.

America Can’t Afford to Rebuild

Meanwhile, a ray of new possibility arises in the east. See:

We are All 911 Victims Now

Millions the world over have suffered from the wars, terrorism and curtailment of liberty that have formed central elements of American foreign and domestic policy since 9/11. One Belt–One Road which was launched in 2013, by contrast, offers the world an escape route from the ominous cloud of post-9/11 American hegemony.

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