Are we powerful or are we victims. Our choice.

Please join the global meditation event at noon EDT today and every day to help dissolve these oncoming hurricanes — and I would say, to ask that the American and Canadian west be spared further fire damage, the monsoons let go of India, on and on.

Let us rip off our blinkers and realize that much of what is happening is deliberate, designed. Hard to say just how much, but it does appear that the concatenation of events is so harrowing and synchronistic as to appear intentional. Climate war. Weather war. Who’s behind it? Hard to say.

Here are two posts by a fb friend, Paris Tosen. I tend to pay attention to his point of view.

Then, if you factor in the 8.1 earthquake off the coast of southern Mexico this morning, the question naturally becomes: is this in response to all the other horrors, water, wind and fire, not to mention MSM media and the MIC ramping up so-called nuclear “threat” of North Korea? Who’s pulling the strings from behind the scenes? Or are we dealing with entirely “natural” events, amplified by climate change, which itself may or may not be entirely human caused.

Yes, “maybe and maybe not,” is often my response these days. In any case, let us transform the confusion and futility we feel when trying and failing to “figure out” what’s happening into compassion for all who suffer and let us harness these deep feelings into the spiritual power of unified global meditations aimed to calm, heal and regenerate. Both the confusion and the capacity are symbolized by the ongoing Neptune in Pisces (2011-2026) transit. In it’s own sign, Pisces, Neptune’s power is intensified.

Confusion, or living up to full capacity. Our choice.

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