Mercury stations direct TODAY on 29° Leo eclipse degree. What does this portend?

On this day, when Mercury stations to go direct after three weeks retrograde, and does so directly on the August 21st 29° Leo Great American Eclipse degree, where it joins Mars, which today finally exits that degree to enter Virgo, we should not be surprised that “nuclear war” (with North Korea) is in the air. For what could be worse “news” (Mercury rules the news, whether info, misinfo or disinfo) than that? But: is it fear-mongering? Always the question. Will Mercury turning to go direct begin to clear up the massive confusion swirling inside and around us?

I sit here in southcentral InDiana, probably not in the path of the next horrifying superstorm, Irma, but feeling the dread of millions in coastal areas who saw or experienced what Harvey did, and know that anything is possible. Especially anything bad. No wonder total solar eclipses have such inauspicious reputations — and especially for the land on which the totality falls.

And then, when you add to Irma’s coming the very real possibility, indeed, I would say, my gut tells me, probability of some of these naturally occurring storms being then geoengineered — steered and ramped up to help ignite crises that, following the Shock Doctrine, usher in the globalist goal of total centralized control. Harvey sat right on Houston for days on end; what will happen with Irma? Will she sit on Miami for days on end?

In my mind’s eye, I see the PTB that “direct” and amplify these storms as right now involved in a big argument: Direct Irma to Miami! No, Washington, D.C.! No, New York City! Hey, how about all three? Above all, how to wreak the most damage, instill the most fear, ramp up the most confusion, get the sheeple begging for our New World Order.

Those among my readers who do not share my decidedly dark view of the capacity of our “overlords”  to actually intend to wreak havoc and destruction in the most thorough way possible — witness the millions “our” wars have murdered since World War II — probably don’t buy into the global “pedogate” scourge either. To my mind, aside from the MIC’s continuous warmongering, geoengineering (i.e., weather wars, including chem trails and HAARP) and pedogate are the two most pernicious evils of the hell that infects this once and still beautiful planet.

So, with that in mind, let’s see the latest from I don’t usually go to this site for news, but these days, I do.

Weather Warfare: Globalists Order Geoengineers to “Shock and Awe” America with Superstorms


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