Did Hurricane Harvey just deepen America’s responsiveness to crisis?

Did we just turn a corner, redirecting all that energy surging through us now from hatred to love?


It may just be that the wonderful, human-helping-human (and animals) stories from Houston have eclipsed the MSM media driven stories of identity politics hatred from Charlottesville. Which might just mean that, despite weather-engineering, the Soros-inspired attempt to ignite civil war in America by funding both sides of the “conflict” will not ape the horror of what happened in Ukraine and elsewhere. Here’s a compilation from yesterday, many of which I found on facebook. Social media is driving all sorts of heartwarming efforts. 

10 Hurricane Harvey stories will give you hope America

Private companies stepping up to help hurricane victims

Kindness amid devastation: 20 examples of people helping Harvey victims south Texas

The day the ‘enemies of the American people’ helped saved America

And finally, this, from fb, a Texan calling us all out to learn from them. YES!  Nothing like pride in one’s great state to help further dissolve globalist wet dreams.

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