Evil Joke? Hurricane Harvey hits Louisiana on 12th anniversary of Katrina

Still think Hurricane Harvey is an accident? An Act of God? A naturally occurring disaster? Think again. To me, the final disgusting fact is that  it hits Louisiana on the 12th anniversary of Katrina. Wow! What evil brilliance, to sow even more disaster and confusion on this anniversary day.

And oh wow! 12 years is a Jupiter cycle! One full “cycle of opportunity” later, we get a Jupiterian magnification of the original disaster. Hmmm . . . Do HAARP designers use astrology?

Here are two mainstream news sources that mention this anniversary in their titles. CNN and FOX.

Dan Wigington of geoengineeringwatch.org takes the designer aspect of Hurricane Harvey much further.

Engineered Climate Catalysm: Hurricane Harvey

And Aug Tellez takes an even broader, deeper view of our current global, climactic drama.

The Plan to Destabilize Majority Trends and Sub-Culture (while promoting their modification)

BTW: I realize Aug Tellez is “way out there.” Just discovered him about a month ago, and find myself both riveted and repelled. Riveted, because he does seem to have an authentically original view that blasts open some of my unnoticed constructs, and repelled because of the same! In any case, I do find him extremely interesting, and in the above post, he connects the massive storms achieved through climate engineering to the “plan to destabilize majority trends and sub-culture.”

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2 Responses to Evil Joke? Hurricane Harvey hits Louisiana on 12th anniversary of Katrina

  1. Steve Conard says:

    I believe this post about Harvey to be completely out of any reality except for the person that made it up.
    Lets take a look at just a few of reasons why this is completely out in left field.
    1. This storm had the energy and power of many hydrogen bombs it was kick ass…You can not redirect a energy/ mass of this magnitude with relatively weak microwaves….it would be like you trying to stop a train that was moving 60 mph with your body ….Read a little about physics its simply impossible.
    2. How did we know where it was going? We have been studying weathers patterns for hundreds of years and with today’s computer modeling..IE weather forecasting we now have a pretty good idea where these weather events will end up….This is the same science that has been predicating climate change on a larger scale….peoples lives at sea have been made safer by this technology called long range weather prediction.
    3. This storm started weeks ago in the southern Caribbean and went through several permutations. It would have to be a conspiracy theory beyond all others.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yeah, I know it would have to be a conspiracy theory beyond all others. Either my tin hat is taller and heavier than yours or it is not. We shall see! Check out Nick Begich on HAARP. Lots of youtube videos.

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