Beyond Chris Hedges, take two: “All love at Ocean Beach”

And please read the comments from Cindy, Rich, and Alex under the first “Beyond Chris Hedges” post.

I remember that Chris Hedges once put up a post on permaculture and local solutions. The ideas excited him. I wonder if he has revisited them since. Since his vision is so bleak, even back in 2012, it had been a long while since I reposted any of his pieces.

I’m still glad I reposted the piece he just wrote on the similarity between alt-right and alt-left. The point however, for me, is that what’s coming up inside those of us who have managed to bypass the zombification, is experienced as a huge, unstoppable energy. If we are unconscious and reactive, then we experience the energy as anger, fury, and are likely to project it out in violence. If we are conscious and responsive, we transmute that energy into direct, focused action, based in love and service, for the good of all.

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