Beyond Chris Hedges: Let us focus imagination in the direction of the GOOD

While I did choose to post the entire article by Chris Hedges, and am still exceedingly grateful for his clarity, experience in war zones, and historical references, even so, I would like to widen and deepen our perspective to include matters not so black and white as he has painted them. It’s not just that things are “grey” instead; they are wild, and full of color! Rainbow color, plus colors so subtle and glorious that we humans can’t recognize them without sensitizing ourselves to higher and higher frequencies.

Oh you might say, it’s not wise to smudge our differences into one confusing colorful mass, because yes! We are individual! Yes! We are unique! Each of us. And it’s time we recognized that. Stopped being good little girls and boys and grow up!

Also true! Yes, paradoxes are true! That’s what authentic “truth” is, paradoxical — a bridge that connects what appears as two opposite points of view — including alt-right and alt-left, including collectivism and individualism, black/white, me/you — on and on.

What I personally choose to look for — here and now in what has been, increasingly, a zombie nation, and thanks to accelerating disclosure on the internet, has been “triggered” into allowing the long buried gunk from the unconscious mind to surface — is all the good news! Despite everything, and despite the way the MSM paints the picture; if we look, we can find humans helping each other, using this collective upsurge of vitality to shift from reactive anger and rage into responsive courage in action. For example, again in Houston:

Five Amazing Ways People Are Aiding Hurricane Harvey Evacuees

Plus, as for Chris Hedges view that all violence is equally bad, even though I’m a long-time Gandhi and Martin Luther King devotee, I do wonder. Here’s a very interesting post  from fb that details what may have just happened in Berkeley, and it’s very different from the MSM reports on that occasion.

The key, to me —again, at the risk of repeating myself, but this is just so damn important! — is to focus attention like a laser beam in the direction we want ourselves, our neighborhoods, our cities, regions, the entire nation, and the world, to go. All the while fully aware of the harm that has been and is being done, and aware of how our awareness of this destruction has triggered us into unleashing the anger that has been sitting there, simmering, inside us for so long. Yes! Let us harness the massive energy that is arising within us, to help regenerate this poor planet and her creatures (including us!) that have been so long suffering under predatory capitalist rampages.

For each person, that means find what inspires you, what activates you, what crying need close at hand can use your skills, talents, passions, and get started. Do that! It may be with others, it may be on your own. Whatever you need to learn — especially how to get along with others, despite, and including our “identity” differences! — let us relearn how to harness not just our own individual, but our collective energy — for good. For regeneraion and resilience, everywhere, locally, mine, yours, ours. Let’s go. The time is now. What do we have to lose?

Here’s what one young singer has come up with as her contribution. Apparently youtube is trying to take it down.

I’d say let’s make America Great for the very first time, by apologizing: to Native Americans, to slaves, to the families of the millions we have killed in all our ongoing wars, to Mother Earth herself who we tend to consider a resource rather than a living, breathing conscious being.



Song make america great again


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  1. CindyW says:

    thank you for this song, Ann! It’s kind of a theme song for what is happening in Texas – I was moved by all the people, from the governor (who I normally wouldn’t support) on down, who said for everyone to just help each other – which people proceeded to do! I’ve heard many, many stories of people buying boats which they then took to rescue people; the young couple with a kayak who retrieved 22 people; on and on. And it’s just started. As if that’s what the eclipse made possible. I don’t even mind that Joy Villa is a Scientology person, or that she’s wearing the so-called “Trump gown” – it’s turning all that on its head. Beautiful!

  2. rose day says:

    …great spot to share from one who resides near Houston Texas …

    This is no way a casting of disparagement upon official response to the devastation that is Harvey as the time lag was so very short and decisions had to made literally on the fly…however …

    IMHO the devastation in human terms both physical and psychological would be beyond belief were it not for community-supported LOCAL and NATION-WIDE VOLUNTEER evacuation and support efforts that continue to be facilitated by incredibly effective SOCIAL MEDIA!

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