End August, begin September: Transit Mars and Mercury ignite the 29° Leo Total Eclipse

Trump’s speech on Afghanistan felt like capitulation. Was it? Meanwhile, check this out, a Breitbart article:

Projecting weakness, President Trump allows inner circle to publicly disparage him as globalists march

Remember:  The August 21 2017 Great American Total Eclipse, at 29° Leo, which occurred exactly on Trump’s 29° Leo natal Ascendant and conjunct his 26° Leo Mars — and exactly opposite the 29° U.S.A. Moon — will be “in operation” for weeks, months, even years.

So with that in mind, it might be possible to view the above appearance of “weakness” as the moment just before Trump slams back. Why do I say that? Because transit Mars is beginning to transit the the 26° to 29° of Leo area,  August 26 through September 6. Plus, transit Mercury, moving backwards, will also pass back over this degree area starting August 31, then turn around on September 5, at 29° Leo, to go forward again, completing its transit on September 10. So between now and September 10, expect both fireworks (Mars) and reversals in communication (Mercury), on a grand, total eclipse-like scale.

BTW: as we witness the slow-rolling, catastrophic inundation of Houston Texas, it’s hard not to wonder if Hurricane Harvey was a geo-engineered event.

Harveygeddon: Who geo-engineered It and why now?

Meanwhile, here is one astrologer’s long range perspective on the eclipse, something for which, he says he has been preparing for literally, years. That’s the level of importance Mark Lerner gives to the August 21st eclipse. Mark ran the great little magazine, Welcome to Planet Earth, where I published the Saturn/Uranus in Sagittarius series and many other articles three decades ago. His astrological research on the inception of the nuclear age (December 2, 1942) I found utterly riveting way back then.

Eclipse-Catastrophe Develops Over Weeks and Months

The above piece was written in June. And notice that Lerner’s dire forewarning of extreme difficulties during the eclipse itself (massive traffic backups, supply chains drying up, etc.) did not pan out. However, here is his update from August 25th. It touches on a negative Saturn influence: the fact that Hurricane Harvey has stalled. And remember, Saturn, stationary, still turning to go forward since August 25, is exactly conjunct Trump’s 22° Sagittarian Moon. We could consider this alone as the astrological correlation for why he now appears “weak.”

Mark Lerner:

Important Update August 25: In this article — written in late June — I pointed out very clearly that because Saturn would be virtually stationary during the entire week of the TSE, this potency of Saturn would be a vital part of a potential “disaster scenario” facing America. Now that Hurricane Harvey is about to hit the coasts of Texas and Louisiana as a class 3 devastating storm (including possible tornadoes, 100+ mile-per-hour wind gusts, massive flooding and rainfall), you will understand why I was so concerned about the shadow side of Saturn. Weather forecasters are also anticipating that the storm will stall (a theme also associated with Saturn when negative) and this stalling action will dump dozens of inches of rain over much of this region. Two more crucial ideas — Juno is also stationary at this time and while this asteroid, when helpful, can energize peace, harmony, and empowerment in primary partnerships, it is also an atmospheric-related asteroid that, when negative, can result in scary environmental disturbances such as hurricanes, floods, and catastrophic downpours. In addition, if you take another brief look at the map in this feature showing the next Total Solar Eclipse that happens in April 2024, that path of totality comes up through Mexico and runs through Texas. Therefore, Hurricane Harvey — striking at the end of this TSE week — may be reminding all of us of the tie between one gigantically influential eclipse and the next one arriving in just 6+ years.

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