Conceptual Repatterning NOW, take four: Financial whistleblower Ronald Bernard, dead or alive?

On this day after the day that Saturn (the rule giver) stationed to go direct in the philosophical, big picture sign of Sagittarius, I find myself once again honing in on whistleblowers who detail the deeply destructive underlying conceptual pattern of this civilization. And in this vein today I find myself doggedly pursuing the question of whether or not Ronald Bernard really has been found dead, as well as skepticism about the source of this “news,” Baxter Dmitri, from whom all the hoopla seems to be originating. The “Ronald Bernard is dead” news is now spreading far and wide. But if this is indeed “fake news,” then I can certainly see why it might be in Ronald Bernard’s interest to be thought dead: Better to disappear from public view, having said what needed to be said.

Here’s an Australian blogger who shares my concern:

Banker Ronald Bernard, Baxter Dmitri, and the late Mr. Fernandez

Meanwhile, I notice that the woman who interviews Bernard, Irma Schiffers, is on facebook, but has not yet mentioned the “dead” news, or whether or not it is “fake.” Her latest post, on August 22, was a notice about Part 3, now up, (see below), in which he gives the inside out story of his own traumatic past as a teenager in the hands of the so-called Child Protection Services, plus his own prolonged healing process. Above that, in Part 2, he specifies the totally unaccountable financial pyramid that runs the economic world layer by layer, starting with the BIS (the Bank of International Settlements), down through the World Bank and IMF, to the Central Banks and the “free states” of the City of London, Vatican City and District of Columbia, to transnationals, to governments, all the way down to us on the bottom, “the people,” and our (lost?) connection with Nature, where all value ultimately resides, and continues to be systematically sucked out and funneled to the very top. His may be the clearest explanation I have yet come across of what debt-based currency is about and how the deeply unethical phenomenon of interest rates literally creates scarcity and competition — and therefore, continuous, unremitting misery.

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