Conceptual Repatterning, NOW, take three: Kevin Shipp, “recovering CIA” whistleblower

“We don’t go through 12-step program. We go through a 24-step program. And the first 12 steps is relearning how to tell the truth.”

“[The CIA] needs to be reformed, maybe even dismantled.”

Shipp distinguishes between “the shadow government” — alphabet agencies, especially CIA and NSA, that focus on secrecy and rule through fear and intimidation — and the larger “deep state” — the bankster/military/industrial/intelligence complex that rules through money, power and greed . Much of the time the shadow government rules the deep state through the power of secrecy.

Says we are living in a post-constitutional government, ever since the CIA was formed, in 1947.

This one hour, seven minute presentation is so jam-packed with head-whipping info that I’m exhausted from having listened all the way through. Yes folks, it appears that this IS the apocalypse, the unveiling. No stone unturned. All veils ripped away. Stay centered. Breathe. Blast open your mind, let go of all that you thought dear; the actual repatterning will take awhile. And will, most likely, be continuously provisional. An exciting, scary time.

Let’s just remember: reverse two letters in the word “scared,” and you’ve got the word SACRED: to make holy.

(And do check out the comments under the original article.)

Oh, and guess what, as of yesterday, it may be that financial whistleblower Ronald Bernard, has been found dead. Not sure yet, there’s some confusion with the name, and the story is slow to be reposted from its original source, Baxter Dmitri  (who I tend not to trust).

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  1. Janice Berndt says:

    Thanks for sharing this video…the shadow government explained in an hour nutshell. Thank goodness for courageous whistleblowers!

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