Conceptual Repatterning, NOW, take 2: Oliver Stone’s advice to the young

I find this a fascinating three minutes. Stone goes right to the HEART of the matter, cutting through the usual hopium that “technology will save us,” which, more and more, seems to have ensnarled the mass mind as we leap, like lemmings, fixated on tiny screens, into the sorry sea of oblivion. I write this on the day that Saturn stations, turning to go direct, after more than six months retrograde. Time to take back our individual direction, each of us. Focus on the future. What is your world-view — your conceptual pattern — as you step forward with heart — with coeur, courage? Stone helps put U.S. history into perspective, sorely needed now as once again, the MIC uses the one who appears, more and more, to be yet another U.S. puppet president, to amp up the 16-year war in Afghanistan, and who knows where else. 

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