Will Trump Prove to Be A Phoenix Rising from the Fire?

It’s very interesting and yes, symbolic, that Trump chose Phoenix Arizona to hold his first post-eclipse pro-Trump rally yesterday evening.

(Also interesting, and yes, again symbolic, that it was the USS John McCain, yet another U.S. Naval destroyer patrolling waters in which it does not belong, that got taken out of commission most likely by whatever other deep state is in possession of  electronic weaponry.)

Symbolism aside, I’m beginning to wonder if, once again, I’ve jumped to false conclusions about Trump. The first time I did that, was after he fired missiles in Syria; now I abhor his decision to send more troops to Afghanistan. His apparent warmongering disgusts me. But who knows what’s really going on? After all, those poppy fields fuel one of the ratlines beloved by the CIA. And if Trump really does mean to drain the swamp, perhaps start in Afghanistan, where drug running funds CIA black ops projects.

In any case, here’s a very interesting analysis of Trump, his astro chart and personality and how this huge man who loves the fire exactly fits the bill if we really do mean to topple the entrenched deep state.

From my notes: “Trump has an unafflicted chart. He has an eclipse right on his Ascendant — and it’s unafflicted. He is going to lead us through attempts at WWIII.  . . Because we have the biggest open window of elemental beings jumping down [from the Moon, which eclipsed the Sun], which cause wars. And during that time, Trump will be the Phoenix, rising, again and again and again.  . . He’s exactly who he says he is. There’s going to be a lot of nonsense between now and January 31, 2018.

“We have yet to see Trump rise to his glory. [After August 21] every difficulty thrown at him he [will repel]. He has nothing to give us back then what he says he is. He is not all those accusations people make about him. But he is an egotistic, capitalistic, king or baron, not part of the military industrial complex; he did this all for his own ego satisfaction, has played the game  both sides, he swims among the sharks, no problem whatsoever; and he has no impulse control, says whatever truth comes to him at every moment. Trump is a nuclear explosion to political correctness.”

Here’s how youtube introduced and summarized the above video:

Thomas and Betsy take listeners on a new geopolitical adventure – this one involves astrology and astrosophy. Thomas, who guided Nancy Reagan as one of the White House’s astrologer-clairvoyants as President Reagan moved through stages of Alzheimer’s, brushes off his talents and applies them to Donald Trump’s chart.

Thomas offers an analysis of the effects of the 2017 eclipse on individuals, America, and Trump. The President’s personal astrological chart is compared to the eclipse chart to predict what the effects and likely outcomes might be for the coming year for Trump and America. “Cosmic” aspects of eclipses are explained and the cycle of annual eclipses indicates that we are in a fiery cycle of change until January 2018. Trump loves the fire and is rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of the Deep State.
The two articles that Thomas mentioned in his talk are:



Meanwhile, here’s another author’s analysis of what’s going on with Trump:

Trump Is Playing HIs Cards in this Game of Deep State Poker




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3 Responses to Will Trump Prove to Be A Phoenix Rising from the Fire?

  1. alex simack says:

    Hi Ann,

    Here’s a FB piece I just wrote for our “Residents of Padanaram” page:

    I see Trump as an impersonal force which fits the place and the times. Unlike his predecessors, who were puppets, he is a fascinated observer of power, power in individuals and in institutions. He has become president in order to learn and grow, and in this way he is similar to millions of Americans.

    Americans, like the residents of Padanaram, are for the most part not interested in political power, and not even interested in power at all beyond that which is necessary for survival and a certain level of comfort. We would like to learn as armchair observers, not yet seeing, for the most part, that our own participation is vital.

    We would like to catch our breaths, as it were, from the awesome and breathtaking feat of accomplishing something already magnificent. The world has much to learn from us.

    Michael Boone’s vision of piles of human bodies along side the Valley Road, bodies of people trying to get in, is to me purely symbolic.

    These bodies represent people who are awakening to political truths which are deeply repugnant and terrifying. They must “die” in order to come into higher, spiritual truths.

    “First the natural, then the spiritual,” Daniel was always preaching.

    Today, thousands of people are awakening every day to the fact that they have been lied to, continually, for many long years. They are beginning to heal from the worldwide traumas that have been inflicted upon us via warfare, inflicted by a devoted cult of religious practitioners.

    That religion has traveled under many names. Luciferianism is one of them. Illuminati, “the cabal,” “reptilians,” — whatever the name, what they hold in common is the need to feed on human fear.

    They are being exposed as never before, and Donald Trump is an instrument for this accomplishment. He falls into traps, is misled, still, he keeps everyone on their toes.
    Padanaram has a great purpose in revealing to many thousands now awakening, a better way of cooperation, a history of truthseeking and sharing.

    True. many here do not yet realize the political process of exposure now happening in the world at large. These — as I myself know well! — have had to maintain a certain veneer with the public, in order that Padanaram not seem more radical than it has seemed already, in order that Padanaram not fall under more persecution than it has already.

    (to be continued)

  2. alex simack says:

    Here is Part Two:

    I don’t mean to criticize anyone outside of my own self. I have not been interested in political power myself, and the reasons are many. I was all absorbed in developing alternative communities which hopefully would come to compete with the discredited American dream. First in Stelle, which had some success; second in Padanaram. It was many years before I had the time to become more interested in political power.
    I held a doctrine of “God’s over all” and so it was not necessary to be interested in political power.
    I believed that 90% of humanity would be wiped out in wars and natural catastrophes, as many find in prophesy in the Book of Revelation.
    I believed that the human nature was incorrigible, and only by the grace of God could a very few be saved.
    Ironically, these are the same beliefs held by the cabal of the Illuminati. But these believe that they are supposed to help along the process by introducing diseases and keeping humanity divided against itself. And, of course, the name “Lucifer” is substituted for the name “God.”
    Many believe, for example, that drug addicts will find drugs to feed their habit regardless of circumstances. Others such as myself now see that the cabal supplies drugs in abundance in order to promote this disease.
    I have seen in myself, that in the case of sugar addiction, which I suffer from, if my home is kept free of sugar I will not be tempted. I believe that a great percentage of mankind, not 90% (for some are indeed incorrigible) could be helped if the cabal could be removed from power.
    I believe we can all help by exposing their evil doings and studying the workings of political power. But many are going to be hurt when they see how awfully they have been fooled for so many lifetimes (their personal lifetimes and the lifetimes of their parents and ancestors).
    This is where Padanaram can help by providing a place and a way for healing. This could be the real meaning of the “thousand years” — how long the healing of mankind can take. I don’t think this is literal. I only know that when I have severely needed healing, the time seems to go so very slowly (but not every time, thank you Father).

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks so much for this sharing, Alex. I wonder if anybody is NOT an addict? My cigarette addiction was my greatest teacher, by far. Free will is not automatic. It is an achievement!

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