Post-Eclipse: Trump falls into the MIC trap, immediately! — as we “hear the gears of the universe shift”

We who are concerned about how The Great American Eclipse (which fell at 29° Leo exactly on Trump’s Ascendant and conjunct the royal star Regulus) will affect Trump and the destiny of this nation are already seeing how it might begin to play out. On the very evening of the eclipse what appears to be an increasingly warmongering Commander in Chief (Trump’s Mars directly behind his Ascendant; Trump’s 22° Gemini Sun conjunct the U.S. 22° Mars) announced more war for Afghanistan.

The following author, Justin Raimondo, points to the fact that as soon as nationalist Bannon was out, globalism roared back in. A very interesting post.

The Revolution Betrayed

And check out Colleen Rowley:

For a really clear, detailed, astrological look at the astonishing synchronicity between the solar eclipse and the U.S. and Trump’s astro charts, check out this video by Steven Levine, a long-time astrologer of my generation who spelled out pre-eclipse the magnitude of its ramifying effects (to be felt in the coming weeks and months). He warns us: the downside of royal Regulus is revenge. Those who seek revenge will be trumped. And what is war, especially a war that goes on and on, ramping up yet again after for 15 years (Afghanistan) but revenge! Eye for eye! Makes whole world blind!

As usual, during these extraordinary times, darkness (more war) and light (the populace waking up) seem to be teetertottering, faster and faster, the very worst continuously balanced by the very best. So to the best: Given the extraordinary experience of millions of sky-watchers yesterday, Levine’s reworking of the old “think globally, act locally” meme to THINK COSMICALLY, ACT LOCALLY” feels exactly right.

For a brief few minutes, increasingly polarized Americans were united in awe of cosmic majesty. Might we HOLD THAT THOUGHT as we go forward into our increasingly tumultuous future.

Here are a few more fb quotes from “ordinary” people yesterday:

“I’ve never felt so small and meaningless to time and space in my life. You are standing there and you watch the darkness approach and then all of a sudden there you are in the dark and yet the Sun is still there! The glow of the corona is breathtaking and then you see Mercury, Venus, and the stars. But unlike at night there is our star the Sun that we so take for granted. It is the giver of life to all things on Earth and we are all under its awesome power. After seeing this today I am awestruck. No wonder ancient people made the Sun their God.”

“I felt a kind of excitement. An ecstatic reverence.”

“The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in nature.”

And finally, from my own sister Kathy, who witnessed the event with 99% totality in Hailey, Idaho: “Pretty amazing, all in all. Hearing the gears of the universe shift.”

A few of the more spectacular photos:

Jacqueline Ra, an extraordinary photographer who used to live in my yurt! — witnessed the event from her yard in Jackson Wyoming.


Smith Rock State Park (Oregon)
“Best view in the house… it took 4 days of planning and hard work to capture this shot. My girlfriend and good friend climbed the route twice, in scorching heat, to nail the positioning. But we nailed it!” — Derek Gedney

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