Facebook: Many many posts from “friends” (some real, some I have never met), all of them totally thrilled to have been looking up inside glasses, or down at crescent moon shadows, inside the “totality.” Jackson Wyoming, Carbondale Illinois, and Hopkinson Kentucky all represented.

Two memorable quotes.

“The hype was totally worth it.”

— and the thought we MUST hold as we move into the tumultuous future, CHANGED, thanks to our collective communion on this astonishing day:

“I felt both totally connected to the universe, and yet utterly infinitesimal.”

For even though I remained inside, in solitude, and with ceremony —

— I felt the strong, steady, fulsome field of OUR awareness for nearly four hours.

There are so many glorious photos of the eclipse totality that I decided instead to post a photo of how human creativity both renders and illuminates the mystery of experience. This glorious quilt, again found on facebook. Currently on exhibit at the National Quilt Gallery,  itself in the path of totality, western Kentucky.

CORONA II, by Caryl Bryer Fallert.

Finally, I recall my own astonishment back in 1972, when I found myself ecstatic, dancing in the dawn. That sunrise proved to be the beginning of my authentic journey from mind-controlled obedience into vibrant, authentic aliveness. An aliveness that has not only never waned, but it is ramping up now, at 74 years of age.  Can you feel it?

As we move into the changed, charged field of our post-eclipse reality, let our hearts be full and radiant with joy.

P.S. Oh wow, just as I was getting ready to post this, an email arrived from dear old friends Ben and Mary, who live near Chicago but were at their ranch in the Sawtooths:

Hey, Ann!
We just enjoyed the eclipse at the Idaho ranch — almost at the exact center of the path of totality.

Pittmann and Spenak’s great “Totality” book says (pp 260-261) says that the next Great American Total Eclipse — in 2024 — will pass almost directly over Bloomington!  Bigger and longer than 2017 totality:4 minutes instead of 2.

Any chance that you could host, and we cohost, an Eclipse  Party on April 8, 2024?

Best, Ben

What exquisite timing, eh?

You betcha, Ben! Okay! Done!

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1 Response to Post-Eclipse: HOLD THAT THOUGHT!

  1. rose day says:

    Being inside the totality must surely have been affirming yet for the ‘geographically- challenged’ attempts to follow the curve in real time consisted of watching news people spout eerily identical jargon ad nauseum…thank God for the off button.

    What being outside the curve did accomplish was an eventual acknowledging of the event in quiet solitude so either way was a win/win…thanks for the share!

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