Personal Reflections, Part 2: Solar Eclipse as MASSIVE RESET, both personally and collectively

Note: Here’s Part I.

This note will be short and sweet. And then I’ll be off-line, until Tuesday. I’m not going to take the time to put links in.

BTW: I’m amazed at all the posts I’ve felt moved to put up that reference either the Solar Eclipse or Trump’s relationship to the Solar Eclipse.

Meanwhile, let’s just see The Great American Solar Eclipse at 29° Leo as a MASSIVE RESET, wherein whatever needs to go briefly dark, can then re-emerge, into the light, changed. For me, it’s the way I work with my 28° North Node, since it sits within one degree of the 29° Leo Sol/Lunar precision point.

For Donald Trump, it’s the way he personally expresses his alpha male energy (29° Leo Ascendant, 26° Leo Mars) to connect with “the public” (Leo Ascendant oppsite 7th house Aquarius). I know there are lots of opinion pieces now that refer to him as about to resign, and at least one that sees him as a Phoenix, Rising from the Ashes. Time will tell as to which is correct.

For the U.S. itself., interestingly enough, it’s the Moon in the 1776 Declaration of Independence chart, which in a chart of a nation, signifies the “public mood.” The U.S. Moon is at 28° Aquarius, directly opposed to the Leo eclipse degree, as well as to Trump’s Ascendant/Mars. The public mood, therefore will also undergo a reset. What kind? Time will tell.

The public includes the millions of people that will be gazing (hopefully indirectly) at the sky (usually their heads are down, viewing tiny screens) and the thousands that will be participating in group meditations. These actions, in themselves, indicate reset: Looking up rather than down! Communing rather than separating!

Oh, and how about this image, to show the kind of reset needed politically? We can view the current struggle between alt-right and alt-left as just two new iterations of the same tired old duality that pits us against one another while the great corrupt Eagle Empire flies on.



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2 Responses to Personal Reflections, Part 2: Solar Eclipse as MASSIVE RESET, both personally and collectively

  1. alex simack says:

    Thanks for all the great input Ann. It seems to me that the number of false flags in the mainstream media will increase significantly as part of an attempt to bring down the Donald, catching him in malapropisms, misled sabre-rattlings, etc. Meanwhile the number and strength of the awakened slowly increases until some vital point is reached. Interesting that the number of false flags in the US decreased significantly while the Donald settled in.

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