Personal Reflections on Upcoming August 21 Solar Eclipse

While further contemplating Monday’s Solar Eclipse, I ran across a visual of it that startled me. Not that I didn’t know what it would look like, but: I had never really noticed before, how tiny little Moon could actually manage to blot out giant Sun from Earth’s view!

Which made me think of a Gurdjieff quote which has haunted me ever since I first came across it, sometime back in the early ’70s. Humans are, he said, “FOOD FOR THE MOON.” Huh? What did that mean? After I began to study astrology, and to see the Moon as symbolizing childhood memories, how they harbor usually painful emotional patterns that get buried in the subconscious until we learn to make them conscious, I began to realize that “food” in this case, is “emotional food,” what we now call “loosh,” especially the fearful, or furious kind. The emotionality that surges up from within and blinds us on occasion, to the consequences of destructive actions we then take in automatic reaction to that rage — or, if not, to the dishonest shrinking back into ourselves, so that rage goes underground once again, and sits there, festering, until the next event that ignites.

For example, just the other day, I was walking down the street with puppy Shadow when a much larger dog bounded up out of nowhere and wanted to play. Small Shadow does not play with big dogs. They are way too much for his kind, steady nature. This dog had a loose bandanna wrapped around its neck. That’s all. No collar. It kept bounding madly around us, Shadow curling around my legs in terror. I called out for its owner, hoping he or she was outside and within hearing. A couple of houses down the road, a woman did answer me, while looking at her phone. I was in a hurry. Would she please come get her dog! She finally started towards us, all the while saying that she would be able to certify her dog as a “service dog” — except that he wants to play with every dog he sees. Well, I wasn’t interested in her views of her dog. I just wanted to get on my way. And so far, this interruption had taken ten minutes. I asked her if she lived in the house that she had stood in the back of. Yes, it is her house, she said, a “family home.” I said, “Oh, I used to know a woman and her children who lived there.” “Oh!,” she screeched (and that is how I perceived it), “she was a terrible woman, alcoholic — and she started remodeling the house thinking she could buy it, and did it all wrong, and besides, she couldn’t buy it; it’s a family home.

Her attitude towards my friend raised the hairs on my neck to full on fury. How dare she talk about my friend that way! On and on, she kept talking about how awful my friend was, and I just kept repeating, “that is not my experience of her.” I got more and more impatient, curt, downright rude. Finally, after what seemed like an hour but was probably 20 minutes altogether, she was able to corral her dog and I walked off, simmering with rage, with barely a backward glance.

This surprised me, this only barely banked vitriol with which I greeted this interruption in my day. Despite the presence of the pesky large dog, usually I’m not so “triggered,” to the point where I lost any semblance of detachment in defense of my friend.

So here we are, already triggered, in the psychic shadow of Monday’s solar eclipse, when the Moon, that strange object in the sky that drives unaware humans, especially when young and hormonal, to “lunacy” twice each month, actually will cover the entire Sun for those in its path of eclipse totality across the U.S.A. for a total of at most, 2 minutes, 41 seconds. The entire basis of Life on Earth will be briefly blotted out by this once-every-18-months event by a phenomenon which, if we are to believe David Icke, or others that see the Moon as an artificial, hollow body dragged in a long time ago by some kind of alien civilization, is an (A.I.) control mechanism to keep brainwashed humans in thrall to its weird reflective light.

If that is true, then it’s wise to keep in mind just how big and powerful is the Sun’s organic light, despite our being “tricked” during total solar eclipses, into seeing the Moon’s artificial orb as briefly, but equally powerful.

Here’s one astrologer’s view of this upcoming Solar/Lunar event, via Laura Bruno. Two posts:

Timothy Glenn: Lunar Explorations

Timothy Glenn: Heads Up, Keep Your Heads Down

Oddly enough, I didn’t really pay attention until this morning to the fact that this upcoming 29° Leo eclipse will fall with 1° of the lunar nodes in my own natal chart, with the North Node of the Moon at 28° Leo, in the 9th house. That puts the South Node at 28° Aquarius, in the 3rd house.

It’s interesting for me to note that when I first heard about the Star of America’s bus line’s trip to Kentucky and the path of totality from Bloomington, for just $59, I convinced my son Colin to accompany me and quickly grabbed two tickets. That was right after we returned from Alaska. But then, I started to feel weird about my impulsive decision. Did I really want to go on a bus with a lot of strangers during a crazed time when all sorts of snafus — long lines, disrupted supply chains — could keep us “on the road” or even stranded for much longer than the 18 hours or so scheduled?

And then, I realized, today, aha, that is my South Node talking. I had naturally gravitated to an Aquarian experience with a group! I was following my more familiar karmic line (south node) rather than the still largely unexplored dharmic one (North Node).

Two days ago, I told Colin of my misgivings, and suggested that we think about it. This morning I asked him how he was feeling about the upcoming trip. “Not good,” he answered. “Okay,” I said, relieved. “Let’s call it off, give the tickets away.”

Later, he asked me what I was going to do for the eclipse. “Go inside,” I told him. “Be in solitude. The eclipse falls on an important point in my astrological chart.”

I want to contemplate how it feels to experience my North Node, the pointer for my future, as it is briefly blotted out by the Moon (eclipse reaches 94% totality here in Bloomington). Hopefully, during the eclipse I will get more clarity on what it means to travel my own self-expressive philosophical (9th house) Leo path out of the more familiar past tethering me to Aquarian groups. And these groups include not just friends, but my own blood relatives! While I’m sure they think I’m already way “out there;” I have a feeling they ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

P.S. Steve Bannon, who was fired yesterday, has his Moon exactly conjunct the 29° Leo eclipse point that is also exactly conjunct Trump’s ascendant and near his 26° Leo Mars. No wonder they were drawn together! The actual timing of the firing exquisite: transit Sun exactly on (illuminating) Trump’s alpha male Mars.



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