Charlottesville: Beginning or the end of mass psychosis?

Again, WE CHOOSE. Our individual choices, based on our consciously held intentions, in the aggregate, determine the direction of the future.

Thus I dedicate this post and others —

Civil War in America then and now: Are we but puppets in New World Order economics?

August, 2017: Is this the turning point? If so, to what, mass psychosis or transformation? WE CHOOSE

— to many of my friends and family who have, it appears, unfortunately, “taken the bait” — and as a result, see my own “position” inside this chaotic melee as inconceivable. Indeed, as one cousin put it, he is “dismayed.” Another called me a “contrarian.” Well yes, afraid so! Both these cousins by the way, are deep thinkers and beloved.

Meanwhile, I sit here, in the middle of it all, watching the roiling emotions surging to the surface of the mass mind, and marvel at our human capacity to forget the need to continually balance and rebalance the dynamics of two seemingly countervailing realities: 1) one’s own individual awareness and 2) the psychic atmosphere that holds us all. If we can maintain our own heart-based center (as a single, continuously purifying drop in the ocean of the collective unconscious), while at the same time appreciating and observing the clashing forces around us (the turbulent oceanic currents swishing us to and fro), all geared towards making us take sides (in doomed attempts to stop, wall off, the flow, the flood, the surrender), then and only then can we move through this fraught climactic era without destroying all that we hold dear.

BTW: It’s not that I don’t also harbor “roiling emotions.” I do. And I observe them as well — observe, honor and release — for they arise from that same deep well that holds us all and that needs to be recognized, honored, and healed. Each of us has personal “reasons” for “our” surging feelings (I.e., “ideas” to which we attach those feelings) — more than likely, they refer to memories, of perceived childhood and early life abuse patterns; and yet patterns of abuse are, as we notice if we are at all awake, threaded throughout our society that both makes “money” the source of all value and then subtly or blatantly encourages us to “sell our souls to the devil” —often in the interests of sheer survival!

Glad to see others who echo my need to not engage in current national theatrics:

Charlottesville: Don’t take the bait

WAKE UP, people! Alt-Left and Alt-Right are run by the same forces. The goal is “divide and conquer” 

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