Sitting in the middle of it all, the future looks bleak, it looks beautiful. WE CHOOSE.

Astonishing, that the fading U.S. hegemon chooses to go ahead with the enormous annual war game provocation of North Korea, starting on Monday, August 21, the very day of the first Total Solar Eclipse that crosses the entire U.S., east to west, in 99 years.

Armageddon Risk Returns: North Korea Predicts Catastrophe as Massive U.S. War Games Begin

And speaking of war games, check this out: only two days post-eclipse, on August 23, FEMA and others and  will conduct a “Black Sky” simulation (drill? or reality? or both: it’s been done before)  here in the U.S.

If ever there was a time to move into the center of one’s own being, and remain there, it is NOW. No matter what is or is not going on “outside”— and from some point of view, anything and everything that can be imagined is going on somewhere — what each of us chooses to pay attention to will, in the aggregate, determine what comes next on a collective level. So, while being fully aware of the hair-trigger dangers of this time, let us put our hearts, minds, and souls to the enormous, long-term task of co-creation, each of us fully activating our own unique talents, skills, and courage — to cooperatively build a new world, decentralized, everywhere potent and connected, re-membering ourselves as inextricably linked, in communion with each other, the Earth and her cosmic home.

Me? I’m gonna continue my daily practices — one hour morning walk with puppy Shadow, yoga, chi kung, tai chi — and meanwhile, continue to cultivate a meditative inner space within which I allow NATURE to fill me with her miraculous, majestic, mysterious LOVE that fills and fuels the universe. May she utilize me, this small person, my full self, body, mind, soul — to radiate energy in service to the whole.

Meanwhile, I will continue to share my multidimensional experiences, both on this blog and in person. So HELLO!

Front yard hugelkulture, this morning:


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