August, 2017: Is this the turning point? If so, to what? Mass Psychosis, or Transformation. WE CHOOSE.

Damn! Can’t remember where I saw it, a very astute comment about how there’s currently a civil war inside the U.S. about, not just who can tear down the most politically incorrect statues, but who is the most morally superior while dividing the world into some kind of strange, new, twisted polarity, and  trashing everyone on “the other side.” It’s as if a crazed infection has taken over the mass mind, and unless we each resolve to watch and learn from our own extreme emotionality, unless we claim and begin to heal whatever shameful karma still lurks within us as individuals during this astonishing moment in U.S. history, the feverish atmosphere could build to the point of utter destruction.

Diagnosis: Psychic Epidemic

Remember Howard Beale: “We’re mad and we’re not gonna take it anymore.” Of course! It’s about time that political reality caught up with the prediction promoted in the movie Network.

But how do we work with the surging feelings, formerly frozen in denial and fear, now melting along with all the other ice? All the gunk that has been stored in the collective unconscious now surging to the surface. And there’s way more under there than we realize.

Here’s a good article on the phenomenon too many of us are already caught up in.

How to know you’re in a mass hysteria bubble

Meanwhile, sometimes cooler heads do prevail. For example, Justin Deschamps offers an excellent analysis of what recently tried to infect the UFO community — and failed. Glad to see that it names names. I followed the Dark Journalist/Bill Ryan trashing of Corey Goode and it made me not want to pay attention to either Dark Journalist or Bill Ryan ever again! In fact, while I was at first skeptical of Corey Goode’s claims, the very fact that he’s been so vilified makes me realize that he probably is the real deal. Also agree with the author of this calm, reasoned, epistemological post that Steven Greer has been compromised.

Ufology Researchers Divided but not Conquered: Exposure of PSYOP to Create Truther “Civil War” — But It’s Not Working

Here’s another possible psyop, and wow, this one sure never occurred to me, though perhaps it should have. Robert David Steele a fraud? Again, some kind of nefarious CIA? insert to divide the community of those sincerely working to create a more harmonious world? And is he being used to cast a pall over Cynthia McKinney? Many more questions, sensitively approached in this video. A real eye-opener — I think!

Meanwhile, back to Charlottesville, Virginia now echoed and amplified by today’s van attack that killed 13 people in Barcelona: When are we going to realize that many if not most of these events really are designed and planned in advance psyops, or “agitprops,” to use Steve Pieczenik’s term: A long standing divide-and-conquer tactic used by shadowy governmental and other groups to engender ever stronger centralized control.

Finally, this excellent analysis demonstrates what is at stake.

Charlottesville “Unite the Right” Rally Diverts Attention from the Deep State Agenda

Meanwhile, for each of us, the task is to truly learn from the unconscious gunk that is arising within us, learn from and transform it. Integrate it. Become whole. Recognize that whatever we see outside, is actually inside. And realize that everyone else in the whole world is also either in denial or consciously allowing in his or her own suffering. That we are all somewhere in the wide spectrum of waking up to who we really are: intensely sensitive, quivering souls, more or less unaware of our original beauty.


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2 Responses to August, 2017: Is this the turning point? If so, to what? Mass Psychosis, or Transformation. WE CHOOSE.

  1. kelley says:

    Well said Ann! Having once felt “called” to the Christian ministry, I instead found myself embroiled in a life long effort to understand what that meant & came to the conclusion that western culture (& now world culture) is trapped in the biblical narrative that portrayed us all as corrupt sinners in desperate need of patriarchal protection from “god”. How lovely it would be if we could acknowledge the folly of such a worldview & rediscover our universal & unsoiled kinship with each other; free to celebrate & rejoice in each other’s unique beauty & feel safe in allowing the universe that begat us to reveal what we need as we need it rather than imposing our always limited & biased perception on ourselves & those around us.
    Part of the answer for me is recognizing that pain is a teacher of profound truth & not a demon & that death is a sad, not bad occasion for reminding us of our proper place in the natural scheme of life. Our head’s clamor for justice has drowned out our heart’s desperate pleas for mercy. The soul of the planet is begging for mercy!
    I am reminded of the story I’m sure you know, attributed to some aboriginal source that says in essence: There are 2 wolves who follow us through life. One protects & serves us, the other seeks our destruction. The one we feed will be the one that prevails. Be well!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes, I have ordered two-wolf T-shirts for all who live in Green Acres Village . . . This shadow work is our most important calling, both individually and collectively. Thanks for responding!

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