Upcoming August 21 SOLAR ECLIPSE echoes (amplifies?) August 16-17 1987 Harmonic Convergence!

Happy 30th birthday, today and tomorrow, Harmonic Convergence!

Before I begin to lay out and compare both charts for this unusually significant Solar Eclipse (for the U.S.) as an echo and possible amplificaion of the Harmonic Convergence, I want to point, once again, to the significance of August 21st for Donald Trump, whose Ascendant sits exactly upon the eclipse point, and which itself in turn, is conjunct the royal star Regulus. 

Darkstar astrology has an interesting couple of paragraphs on the upcoming (and much publicized by astrologers), Solar Eclipse and its relation to Trump’s astrology; and no wonder!, given that it’s the first solar eclipse to cross the entire territory of the U.S. east to west in 99 years and is so closely connected to Trump’s natal chart.

The Solar Eclipse August 21 2017 falls at 28º Leo decan 3. This is the big one, the Solar Eclipse on one of the royal stars of Persia, Regulus. The famous fixed star in the heart of Leo the Lion. The Sun in mundane astrology signifies the ruler of the country. Eclipses used to be feared as being an omen for the death of a King as the Moon blots out the Sun’s glorious rays. In this case, the Moon will cast a shadow over Donald Trump’s yellow mane because he happens to have Regulus rising in his birthchart, and it is conjunct his Mars too! The Solar Eclipse August 2017 is very important for the American people, as not only does it directly impact their leader, but it will be visible across the whole of the United States. (For the first time since 1979.)

More than 90% of the Sun will be covered in Washington DC, the throne of world power. Like it or not, decisions made in the White House have a huge effect on the rest of the world. (Even if the President himself is limited in the scope of his own power)

“The Royal Stars… were also believed to govern events in the world. Major disasters, breakthroughs, and historical phenomenons were seen as caused by the stars… When the stars were aligned accordingly, favourable conditions followed, and when they were negatively aligned, disaster was predicted. Because Regulus was the most influential of the Royal Stars, events that took place while Regulus was in dominance were amplified and grave, foreshadowing destruction.”

In the case of the Solar Eclipse August 2017 I would say the alignment is quite positive, however, you could say that a Solar Eclipse in of itself is ‘negatively aligned’ due to the Moon blocking the Sun’s power. Therefore this Solar Eclipse could have a malefic effect on leaders or elites who connect with it, as Trump does. It will be interesting to test out this eclipses effect as it plays out over the following 6 months.


Or, it may be that the power of this eclipse moment propels Donald Trump to blast open the door to his own higher self. I feel that, given my intuitive reading of his natal chart —

Astrology of Donald Trump and the U.S.A.

— that, given the massive — exciting/ excitable/ unpredictable, ultimately possibly transformative — fiery forces marshalled by the configurations in his chart (especially Sun/Uranus opposite Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius, Mars in Leo on Ascendant), there is no way that he is NOT up to the task, should his soul agree to merge with his personality and transform his frequency from sheer self-serving ego to sacrificial selfless service to the whole.

The progressed chart of Donald Trump has moved into Virgo

So yes, frankly, I do think that, given his progressed Sun sign’s current shift into Virgo (where it will remain for 30 years), that he is learning to make that transition now, despite the hyena-like barrage of naysayers screeching ad nauseam about anything he says or does or tweets. However, I do wonder if he, or anyone, can stand up to the continuous, accelerating, horrific hurricane of abuse hurled at him from the entire monolithic spectrum called mainstream media, as well as by both alt-left and alt-right — much less move forward from his own center, secure in the understanding that he is following the destiny set out for him from birth. Which is why I, and many others, I’m sure, are actively holding him in our open hearts during this entire time.

But this is not what I wanted to talk about. Instead, what I want to do here is note that the upcoming Solar Eclipse on August 21 synchronistically happens to fall within days of the 30th anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence, August 16-17, 1987 — which itself, happens to be today, August 16th!. Remember that? Some consider Harmonic Convergence to be the very first time humanity collectively gathered to meditate upon a world in harmony. Both events — 30 years, one Saturn cycle apart — did and are receiving massive publicity as possible collective turning points. Plus, both charts contain fiery grand trines with the Sun itself, which, amazingly enough, also contain both Saturn and Uranus!

Here’s the Harmonic Convergence chart. Just note the geometry, with special attention to the Grand Trine (three 120° angles, creating equilateral triangle) in fire with Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter — and the Sun, just over the sign line into earthy Virgo, but still inside the grand trine itself.

30 years later, serious Saturn made its return to that same point, 15° Sagittarius over the past year or so, and is now positioned at 22° Sagittarius, exactly where lightning-like, unpredictable Uranus was back then — and, amazingly enough, Saturn is set to turn direct on August 25th, only four days past the Solar Eclipse!

In the case of this event, the Sun/Moon conjunction, rather than being in earthy, cautious Virgo, is in fiery, expressive Leo as part of the fiery grand trine itself; so this event may prove even more significant in transformative power than that old event, which did however set in motion a 25-year collective dreaming forward to December 2012, when the whole world was supposed to magically reset due to the Mayan Calendar. We can argue whether it did or did not, but what we can’t argue is that this dreaming forward, this intention to set in motion a new timeline that would lead to human harmony, was very seriously initiated during the Harmonic Convergence itself, by thousands of yearning souls at telluric power spots all over the world.

Here’s the upcoming Solar Eclipse chart. Again, pay attention to the geometry, the Grand Trine and the planets involved: Saturn, Uranus, Sun/Moon, and others.

In my own case, BTW, the Harmonic Convergence set in motion what might possibly prove to have been the most important turning point of my life, the result of an inner voice that thundered to me, very clearly and succinctly, as I was twirling like a Sufi in an enormous yurt in the Tetons at around midnight on August 16, where I was functioning as “the astrologer” for a group of New Agers who had come up from California: YOU MUST FINISH YOUR PERSONAL KARMA BY THE END OF THE YEAR.

I knew what that meant. I had to go back and resolve the awful festering karma having to do with both my first ex-husband, and my own children, neither of whom I had seen or hugged or spoken with in six long years. I’ve told this story a number of times, and won’t repeat it here. Just note that you, too, may be asked to clear your personal karma by the end of the year during this Solar Eclipse. Who knows?

The key is, the more of us who set our intention to do this, to clear our personal karma — and it is a process, not just accomplished in one feel swoop — the more of us are freed up to do the work we are meant for in this lifetime when we, as souls, agreed to descend en masse to this beautiful beleagured planet to participate in, and, if we are wise, to help lead the way through this chaotic, climactic moment in the history of at least our Mother Earth, and possibly the entire solar system and beyond.

Here’s young Jordan Sather, talking about utilizing this Solar Eclipse for the good of all. (BTW: Lada Ray thinks the effects of this Solar Eclipse will be, by and large, good.)





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  1. Wonderful post Annie, I too am filled with the auspicious 30 year reunion of the Harmonic Convergence. Here in Idaho I cofacilitated with Brooke Medicine Eagle DANCE AWAKE THE DREAM. Could I post this article on facebook page

    DANCE AWAKE the DREAM 1987 30 Years Later ? and on my website
    lovingly suzanne the starrose of idaho

  2. Kendra Coffey says:

    I find this super interesting as I was born August 18th 1987 11 minutes after midnight. I read technically while the convergence was celebrated the 16th and 17th astrologically it lasted from the 15th to the 24th. Also being so close to midnight and time zones being a factor, i am sure people were still meditating when I was born. Never knew this was a thing. I will say this eclipse is personally VERY interesting how things are working out…..

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