Roaming the Internet at 2 AM: Simon Parkes, Clif High, Jim Marrs

Note: These are the kinds of astonishing videos I watch (actually, just listen to) in the middle of the night. Might as well open my mind even wider for an hour or two before falling back to sleep! As usual, I have no idea what is “really true” from a limited 3D perspective (requiring empirical proof, etc.). Instead, I allow my intensely exploratory Sagittarian nature to roam far and wide — and deep!

I have been tuning into Simon Parkes for a year or so, and to Cliff High for not quite that long. Jim Marrs has been in the background for years: it took his death for me to actually tune in to him.

Simon Parkes claims to be a hybrid with ET contact, a good portion of “reptilian” DNA and an incredible range of capacity to respond in a fascinating manner to questions of whatever nature! Was born into a insider (MI5, NSA connections) family, in England, and has held public office there. Each time, his two-hour, twice a month Q&A’s are worth listening to, at least in part, though the man who hosts them tends to be a ditz. (But that’s okay!). This last time Parkes spoke, for example, of Putin as being not 3D but 5D — and says that, since that’s the case, his body has to reflect that higher frequency, or it wouldn’t be able to hold his energy. A good argument, I would think, for making sure you get and keep your body in prime condition, especially if you want to expand your capacity to the point where you shift to higher frequency stability. (P.S. Ignore the misleading title of this video, his Q&A of August 6, 2017.)

Clif High is another most likely very high frequency being whose range of discussion is so wide and deep that I’d say he is blessed/cursed with what my deceased husband Jeff Joel used to label “circumconscious navigations.” He invented a computer program that, he says, taps into the collective unconscious, to show what is “trending” via analysis of changing “linguistic data sets.” His main focus is economic, and in this video, his discussion of cryptocurrencies was, for me, a total eye-opener. (However, I see today that the USG is already moving to make them illegal?

US Launches Quiet Crackdown on Cryptocurrencies

In any case, what Clif High does is let us know that there is lots of innovation going on that is not (and cannot!?) be measured with the usual (dollar-based) metric during this time when the fiat debt money economy is crashing. Utterly fascinating, as always. He says we are “in an economic renaissance.” That “the whole society is undergoing a huge change from the bottom up, much of which is going to be influenced by these strange energies from space, which are going to start calming down from the agitation . . .”

I remember seeing grey bearded Jim Marrs pass in the hall in his cowboy hat and boots at one of the UFO conventions a few years ago, and my UFO buddy Joan Bird  whispered to me that me he’s one of the prime movers in the field. He died recently, which made me finally go check out his videos. Here’s his final interview, which I must say, is to me the clearest, most cogent explanation I’ve ever heard about our history and origins (Annunaki tampering with DNA).

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2 Responses to Roaming the Internet at 2 AM: Simon Parkes, Clif High, Jim Marrs

  1. Janice says:

    Just watched the Cliff High video. You are right…it is fascinating. A lot of it was over my head as I haven’t paid attention to the topic of cryptocurrencies, but I could understand enough of what he said to realize major changes are underway. Do you know of any good tutorial about cryptocurrencies?

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I’d say keep following Clif HIgh. It’s a huge learning curve to understand cryptocurrencies, especially the blockchain aspect of them, which is the truly startling part, gets transactions between individuals going without the mediation (and robbery: tiny amount here, another tiny amount there . . .) of central banks. Seems to decentralize on the one hand and yet does it create a new kind of matrix on the other? . . . And if so, benevolent or malevolent? Clif High thinks benevolent, but there are other perspectives. He’s a genius, with what he knows, and especially savvy about all things hi-tech. I don’t pretend to understand at all. Even my son Colin, who is way into cryptocurrencies, says he’s still mystified about how blockchain works in detail. Personally, I wouldn’t get any unless I really did understand . . .

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