Towards a Post-Penis Paradigm

Back in the early ’80s, when I was a (mentally violent) peace activist, I used to compare missiles to penises. At that time, my comparison shocked audiences. No longer. Now nothing shocks, not even the idea of actually contemplating nuclear war! I have seen so many “bomb shelter” articles in the past few days that I’ve lost count. Even here, in my fair city of Bloomington, Indiana!

And hey, just found a map for “nuclear targets” in Indiana! Bloomington isn’t even listed! Oh wow! Great! But wait . . . doesn’t nuclear fallout spread EVERYWHERE?

“The unthinkable” truly is that, or should be. Not even during the good old Cold War MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) days did we actually contemplate “doing it” like we are now.

Meanwhile, as far as I’m concerned, the only response to such drastic (and what could be more drastic) fear mongering, is awareness, centering, daily meditative practices, kindness to self and others — plus: engaging, fully, passionately, intensely creatively in whatever you personally are meant to do or not do on this beautiful planet. Yes. Let’s be present. Fully alive. Here. Now. All of us together.

You know the drill! NOT a bomb shelter drill. A HUMAN drill. Remember, the word for our species, homo sapiens, actually means, “man, the wise.”

If there was ever a time to wise up, it is now, while we are still here, still absorbing the extraordinary intelligence and beauty of (despite all our depredations, still somewhat) intact Nature. Let us listen to Her, be with Her, love Her, for She will let us know exactly how to reconnect with the magnificent integrated differentiation of the continuously evolving forms of the infinite conscious cosmos that loves us all, beyond measure, and forever.

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