Russia/China forging a peace deal for Korea/U.S.?

This morning’s post on the latest incendiary drama between humans who, like little boys playing with dynamite, seem to be intoxicated with nuclear power —in this case Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump — was forged out of despair at how our “leaders” can manage to hold the entire biosphere hostage to their preening “masculinity.” And yet, and yet. Take note of this possibly hopeful sign that reminds me of Russia’s adroit intervention re: Syria in August 2012 when Obama had drawn his “red line in the sand” and the entire world was hanging in the balance. Remember that?

Confrontation is never a good idea.

Lavrov: There is a Russian/Chinese Plan to Defuse the Korean Crisis

Or if not that, then at least this:

U.S. and North Korea already talking through back door channel at UN

Oh yeah, and BTW:

Ron Paul Institute: “Only Morons Believe What the U.S. Gov Says about North Korea”

Remember, governments lie. They always lie. About everything.

Meanwhile, Mercury stations to go retrograde tomorrow, August 12, to remain until September 5. Hopefully, during these three weeks, the rhetoric will wind down, turn around, and become more reflective. Above all, we need to learn to listen to our “enemies,” to stand in their shoes, to recognize what they need, if we wish to defuse a situation that Trump, just this morning, via tweet, ramped all the way up to “locked and loaded.”




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