Green Acres Village News, plus: OFF TO ALASKA!

Son Colin and I will, by late tonight, join son Sean and teenage grandkids Kiera and Drew from Boston — all touching down in Anchorage to meet up with my seven brothers and sisters and spouses for niece Hannah’s wedding to her long time partner Chris. I counted last night in bed: Wow, I’ve actually managed to attend eight of my nieces and nephews’ weddings. Not too shabby!

So that means I will be off this blog, again, entirely, until probably August 11. Will post more on Siberia/Mongolia on my return, especially concerning the subject of shamanism, which, after all, was the real point of the journey!

Here’s the latest from Green Acres Village, which just keeps humming along, despite the comings and goings of  its various members — especially me! Much gratitude!

GAV News, August 3, 2017 . . .




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