What? Humans aren’t “red in tooth and claw”?

— Not in our essential nature, no.

Alaskan Town’s Entire Police Force Quits, Doesn’t Devolve into Lawlessness

[Or might this town’s experience be an argument that healthy human settlements should not be over 1000 people? Good question.]

— Unless pushed against a wall.

Just in the past few days, these stories:

Chicago’s Homicide Count Hits 400

Baltimore Hits 200 Homicide Mark for 2017

I know that the PTW (powers that were) want us to believe, and have drummed it incessantly into our heads forever through newsmedia, film, TV, etc., that humans are bad, evil, selfish and mean, when left to their own devices; that a Hobbesian world of “all against all” is what we face if we don’t have “police protection” — which, unfortunately, looks, in many places, more and like police militarization as this strange summer drags on.

Anarchy in America: Shot down like dogs in the Street

Luckily, thanks to our technology, we do have ways to counteract police brutality, or at least show it in action. Until, that is, one of those bills that makes it illegal to film police in action actually makes it onto the books. What happens then? Are we to just shut up and obey? Somehow, I doubt it. Which is probably what unnerves the PTW. And which brings me, once again, to Howard Beale, and the movie Network. From 1976! What’s changed? Answer: Everything’s changed. WE ARE WAKING UP. 


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