So, what’s in YOUR medicine cabinet, on YOUR bedside table? and WHY? What purpose does it serve?

Solar plexus chakra

Could it really be that 38% of Americans last year took prescription and other legal opiates to kill pain? How many more took illegal opiates to kill pain? How many are alcoholic, and/or addicted to sugar, GMO wheat, and other substances that numb us to our deep, seemingly inconsolable, buried, aching —


— for all that we have lost — our communion with the natural world, with each other, with our own souls — in this crazed craving for more more more — more money, more stuff, more entertrainment, stimulation, distraction, drama, sex, secrets, judgments, violence, gossip — more of whatever! and there’s never enough! — which we sooner or later discard, disconsolate and bored, never satisfied, into the yawning black hole of our SOLAR plexus which, far from shining authentic personal power, sucks sucks sucks up the muck with its puffy, puckered lips forever and ever amen.

Drugged Nation: Over 1/3 of Americans were prescribed opiate pain medications in 2015


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3 Responses to So, what’s in YOUR medicine cabinet, on YOUR bedside table? and WHY? What purpose does it serve?

  1. annick says:

    #1 opium grower in the world was Vietnam. For the last 10 years, it’s become Afghanistan. Where ever it happens to geographically situate itself, the big pharmas follow. It’s such a huge market to corner.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      And I ask, which come first, our military, to secure the territory, or Big Pharma? Probably the former, if John Perkins is correct.

  2. Lilith says:

    YES! Always thought that the answer, that is one of the answers, is to legalize opiates. Takes out the profit motive, the panic and greed that drives the market. Nobody’s business but one’s own what we put into our bodies. Unless one lives in a society where bad things happen to the user, like robbery, assault, jail, hepatitis, AIDS, an OD – all those things that come with having a government that deems only one intoxicant (alcohol, in our case) the legal high and legitimizes those manufactured by Big Pharma, as well as caffeine and tobacco, while punishing people who use the others, while the same govt is complicit in (and reaping the enormous profits from) the black marketing of cocaine and heroin. And of course you are right, there is no filling the big gaping hole by shoving things into it. But as you know, prisons and hospitals and morgues are not the answer either.

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