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Green Acres Village News July 25-26: pod meeting, work party, mulcher, passion flower and fruit!

See Green Acres Village website: GAV News, July 25-26: Early Christmas present, pod meeting and work party, passion flower and fruit  

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Trump’s “Progressed Sun” has moved into Virgo. What are the implications?

Note: In this post I will be looking at three charts, the natal and progressed charts of Donald Trump and the natal chart for the U.S.A. Question from housemate Dan, who knows that, unlike our friends, I don’t automatically “hate” … Continue reading

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Siberia/Mongolia: Starting over with J.K. (Lilith) Canepa

Note: The Siberia/Mongolia series is archived here. Today, I start over in this series on Mongolia/Siberia. I now have in my possession a transcription of the notes taken by my dear new friend and roommate from the trip. J.K. — … Continue reading

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Green Acres Village news, late July 2017: Finally, youtube presentation, “Evolution of Green Acres Village” — plus ongoing evolution and photos!

Okay! Yes! Finally! Here’s the youtube version of the film that was taken of the presentation we made at the local library of the Evolution of Green Acres Village. That was back in January! I hope all the technical problems … Continue reading

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What is the root cause of addiction?

Update, 7/24/17: Bill Chisholm, a yoga teacher and practitioner from way back, sends me this very relevant post re:  addiction. Note again, that our basic need is to attune to Earth’s energies — and the body is one’s primary earth … Continue reading

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August 21st Solar Eclipse: Trump’s chart, the triggered U.S. Aquarian Moon, and Techie Xanadus

As we begin to reach for the Solar Eclipse of August 21, I notice that the eclipse point, 28° Leo happens to fall, not just on Trump’s Ascendant/Mars combo, but almost exactly opposite the U.S. Moon at 28° Aquarius.   … Continue reading

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Of military boneyards, energy consumption — and rabbit holes

Remember, for the MIC, the point is not necessarily to fight or win wars — though of course they must dangle an enemy (especially, Russia) in front of American noses to justify the trillions spent. No. the real point is … Continue reading

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Siberia, political overlays upon a wild land: Lenin’s head, Our heads and hearts, Trump and Putin, Views from the road

Note: These Mongolia/Siberia 2017 travel posts are archived here. I continue to be perplexed by the level of animosity directed at Trump by my “liberal” friends, not to mention the consistently righteous attitude of being “better than” the one they … Continue reading

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