First permaculture principle: “Observe and interact” . . . OR NOT!

Wow! Coming back from this morning’s walk, I notice a weird, long, and seemingly two-headed bug on one of the milkweed plants. I realize that this must be two bugs, mating. Went inside to get iphone camera, and came back out. Now the mating insect(s) were on one of the milkweed pods, in the midst of tiny red bugs, which I figured must be their babies.

True? I looked it up. Yes, this is the “milkweed bug.” According to this expert opinion,  no need to” interact,” just let the bug do its thing, as it’s not so much a “threat” as a “nuisance” to the milkweed itself.

Actually, I wonder if maybe the milkweed bug has a greater role in the web of life? Without it, what else would be missing? What cascade of unintended consequences would follow? We are so ignorant of nature’s mysterious, multivalent, multidimensional ways. No matter how much we think we know, we are fools to think we can ever “figure it all out.”

But it sure is fun trying, eh?


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2 Responses to First permaculture principle: “Observe and interact” . . . OR NOT!

  1. JoAnne says:

    HI! Well I hesitate to ask. Is Puppy Shadow still with you? Don’t believe the Puppy
    has been mentioned lately.
    Your writing is fascinating; but you know that.(haha)
    Love you,

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Actually, puppy Shadow and I were in Griffy Woods, on the trail, together, yesterday! So of course he’s still with me. I didn’t want to use a photo with him in it, or it would have been easy to identify as the pic as InDiana rather than Siberia! — in my second “emerging God intoxication” post. Glad you think my writing “fascinating.” That may be because I have no idea what’s going to come out of the fingers onto the keyboard next? So we’re always on the edge of our seats, wondering. Luckily, I have a background that includes enough discipline to automatically shape the flow into coherence.

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