Hard-to-Believe Department: U.S. House and Senate hold NEARLY UNANIMOUS votes for new Russia sanctions

In an obvious slap to Trump’s newly personal relationship with Putin, both U.S. House  (419-3) and Senate (98-2) voted nearly unanimously for further Russia sanctions! Hard to believe the mind-controlled, Russia-hating obstinacy of our “elected” officials, most of them compromised (bought, and/or blackmailed), bound and determined to take down Trump, who would rather work constructively with Russia than engage in ecocidal nuclear war.

Is this Trump’s moment of truth? Can and will he veto? Or will he, instead, continue to talk privately with Putin while going along with this sorry political drama for all to see which actually will, as the usually 100% cynical Paul Craig Roberts notes —

A Ray of Hope

— fracture relations between the U.S. and the E.U., thus further demoralizing NATO. All of which is good for Russia?! Yep, welcome to Earth, late July 2017.

Senate Overwhelmingly Votes for New Russia Sanctions, Now It’s Up to Trump

Except that it isn’t, apparently, since Trump can’t veto without congressional approval? Meanwhile, Russia has already responded, by echoing Obama’s churlish moves over last year’s Christmas holidays! Remember that?

Russia Retaliates: Orders U.S. to Cut Diplomatic Staff, Seizes Two Compounds

One wonders what 9D chess game is being played out here, and whether or not Trump and Putin are, underneath all the layers, on the same page.





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5 Responses to Hard-to-Believe Department: U.S. House and Senate hold NEARLY UNANIMOUS votes for new Russia sanctions

  1. kelley says:

    If you haven’t already, I highly recommend taking a look at “crowdsource the truth on youtube. Three independent journalists are livestreaming their investigative journalism looking at sources behind the scenes that shed light on the “sewer/swamp” of DC politics. They have already unearthed enough to get them “suicided”. They are Trish Negron, George Webb & Jason Richmond.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes, I’ve been following George Webb and company, day by day, off and on for a number of months. And now their trail seems to be bearing fruit with the airport arrest of that Anwar Aron (or whatever his name is!). At some point I wondered if they were just a deep state ruse to keep people distracted, but then I decided no. And this arrest puts the icing on the cake! Hopefully it will bring pedogate to the surface in the mainstream.

  2. rose day says:

    Ann, if nothing else this article is yet another exposure of the charade that has hoodwinked US voters into believing that we have a ‘choice’ in the election process as more and more info is released verifying that lie and the reality that at an essential level there exists very little difference between the two parties and the corruption therein.

  3. Don Foreman says:

    Ann, Here is e-mail I sent to President Trump this morning before I found your blog site. As Follows: Dear Mr President Trump, Please do not sign the new sanctions bill on Russia!!! The Congress of the US has done wrong. What does the Congress want war with Russia? Then they will be no United States after a war. The US Congress are not representing the US people. The US Congress has become warmongers!!! The US Congress are commenting Treason against the American People. The US Congress has become a puppet to special interest groups. The United States is run by the US Military Industrial Complex, Neocons, Zionist and the Deep State. We know what is going on. The Bible says at the end Babylon the Great (USA) leaders become insane. This is exactly what is happening. JFK called the The US President office holder a Glorified Puppet!! We should be Friends with Russia and all Countries. I am tired of the USA being a World Policeman. We need to mind our own business. We have plenty of problems here without making more. Read Paul Craig Roberts recent articles. He is on the right course. I vote for you to Change Course for the United States. You are doing what Hillary Clinton would do. War with Russia. Stop this insane course Now!!! Hope you are at the Brick-Oven Workshop in Paoli today. We would like to meet you. My wife is Russian!!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks, Don, and for the phone call from your wife while puppy Shadow and I were on our walk in the woods of In-Diana! Let’s all get together when I get back from Alaska. Either here in Bloomington or in Paoli. Much to share. And BTW: he already signed it. One wonders whether it’s just that he’ll be killed if he doesn’t, or that this is all part of a surface game that he is playing, with Putin, to castrate the Deep State. It’s not over until it’s over. Keep on being in beauty. No other choice makes sense!

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